A message from On High

I am quite overcome with emotion.

Our Glorious Leader has taken time off from his busy holidays schedule to grace us with a Christmas message.

I can see he had difficulty in holding back the emotion as he reads his carefully scripted message off the autoprompt, and I think he succeeds quite well.  In fact, if I think he almost defies the illusion  that he was an emotionless marionette with the strings carefully edited out.  Also I have to congratulate him on his excellent translation of his speech from German.

I am delighted to hear that he thinks face to face is better than facetime[?].  Maybe this means he intends to spend more time with the people instead of swanning off to China or Brussels? Maybe he will be dedicating some time to the Plain People of Ireland, as up until now the only time he made an appearance here was when there was a photo opportunity at the opening of some factory or other?

So the economy is going to pick up after the shortest day?  I honestly didn't realise that the economy was so dependent on the solar cycle.  I must have missed that lesson in my economics classes.

What cheers me most though is the eyes.  I am a great believer in judging a person by their eyes, and in Dame Enda I can see the personality, the intelligence and the humour shining through, that befits the Great Man who is personally leading me in life.

I feel reassured.

Or not.

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A message from On High — 9 Comments

  1. 40 seconds was my limit he is a hologram of the autocue or as the tv ads say NOT GAME FOOTAGE!

    his eyes are lifeless as is his voice…assuming it's his!

  2. Damn he's a robot with lifeless eyes.  And to think that I thought obama's Christmas message was insincere.  He doesn't hold a candle to this Kenny guy.

  3. Personally I find that video extremely creepy.  It's a long time since I have heard anything so lifeless and insincere.  Maybe zombies do really exist?

  4. The opening shot of the neo-Grecian government building with pillars and towering cupola reminds me of the cosy simplicity of a stable entrance in Bethlehem so many centuries ago. As for the message delivery, just think of the show biz rule: Always be sincere, even if you don't mean it.

  5. Come on, Grandad, you have there a prize specimen.

    Edna simply has to take first place in the race for Political Cnut of the Year.

    He is so brilliantly piss-poor that he deserves a Racso.

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