The right to life — 8 Comments

  1. Good article!  I often wonder what happens to the unwanted child when the deeply depressed Mother is forced to have it. Is the child loved, nurtured and cared for? Is it brought up in secure surroundings and given a decent education? You'd have to guess not given that it is not wanted in the first place. Many of these women simply cannot afford to bring a child into the world and give it the right chances to make a reasonable life. 

    In later life then, is it fair to ask if these (saved) children turn to crime? If so, do the same 'right to life voices' acream for longer sentences in our prisons.

    Worth asking, isn't it?

    • Is it right to bring up these children in an atmosphere of resentment?  How many of those kids are going to hear the "I never wanted you in the first place" line in an argument?

  2. One day, for various different reasons, everyone's right to life will end. Fortunately for our sanity we don't know when this will be.

    • That's my point.  The only "right to life" is ordained by Nature.  Marching and waving placards won't change that.

  3. Excellent! Yeah, for those "right to lifers" the "right to life" begins at conception and ends at birth. They do not give a flying fig about the welfare of living, breathing babies. Or any living, breathing human being, as a matter of fact. 

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