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      • sorry..quality iscrap. I have the dvd with it on but no youtube account to upload it too…oh well he is hilarious and always bang on best of all one of lifelong friends cannot understand a word and she still laughs at him.

  1. Recently I had to visit a friend in hospital.  

    I found it remarkable that more than 90% of people, as they left the hospital building, immediately referred to, or used, their portable telephones.


    It was if their lives were controlled by them.


    I carry a telephone whilst traveling – but switched off as I only use it in emergencies.    I have owned it for four years and have used it (if my rememberer is correct) not more that five times.

    • Different generations the mobile allows you to speak with those you like no matter where or when you are its the ultimate example of commucation enabling its not a hamper to it this is why people seem controlled by it because everything important to you can be on that screen and theirs no shame to that

      • I have no problem with mobile phones – they are damned handy sometimes and I sometimes carry one myself [when I remember and when the battery isn't flat].

        It's the other things I'm talking about.  Sharing pictures and "status" and whathaveyou.  What is so important about keeping up to date with everything?  Why not wait of the news on television/radio, or buy a paper?  Unless war breaks out, it can surely wait?

        • Because frankly they are all dead technology or media they just dont know it yet why limit yourself to the opinion pieces of the ever more dubiously called news or the papers when you can easly search out what interests you yourself from the comfort of your own smart phone and not be subjected to other's bias's ?.

          As for sharing pics and what have you well people have done that since we could its just incredibly easy now and no less appealing 

          • Granted!  But I still maintain that the news [OK, from the Interweb, not meeja] can wait until one gets home?

            Indeed people have shared photographs for decades but there is one huge difference – in the past, people shared carefully chosen photographs that were taken with care [because film and developing are expensive] whereas now people point their mobile phones at any old crap and immediately pump it out to everyone regardless.

            • Thats true believe me iv been sorely disappointed by any number of "really nice pictures of my pussy" fb posts than i can even tell you 🙁 

              Its just easy people always do whats easy in extremes i really cant think of a better explanations its there its easy so you do it 

  2. Facebook is a joke alright for exhibitionism. If I have to use a social network  of any value I would use Google+.

     It can be  practical and useful

  3. Imagine a time machine bring an illustrious person from the past, such as da Vinci, to the current day. Explain to him you have a small handheld device that can connect you to the sum of human knowledge. You use it to look at pictures of cats playing pianos.  

    • As someone one commented – billions spent on the wonders of satellite technology to enable us to watch reruns of "I love Lucy"!

      • Thats good though our technology should be used for the mundane as much as it is for the extraordinary imho every thing is there if you so wish it and if not then your free to watch episodes of star trek while you sit at the river side how wonderful is that 

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