Here we go again — 11 Comments

    • Aw! The poor man.  My heart bleeds custard for him.  A shed load of families here would be over the moon for a tenth of that.

    • Does that include cabbage? I hope that doesn't include cabbage as I ate a whole bowl full last evening and in less than an hour it was making itself known to the surrounding atmosphere in my general location.

      I really hope it doesn't include cabbage.

      • I sincerely hop Greenpeace don't read that.  They'll be knocking on your door to apply the Polyfilla.

        • As long as they don't desecrate my Nazca Lines they can polyfilla all they want–they can start in bathroom. I'll let them 'filla the walls of my house with new insulation too if they want. Might keep 'em out of mischievous for awhile.

  1. Meanwhile, back in Vermont, we're heading into the second warmest winter in a row in decades (Centuries? Hell, I don't remember). All I know is it's a bloody pain in the arse (I believe that's how you folks spell "ass" over there?) that leaves me hoping that my snow blower can shoot slush instead of snow without making rock hard snow cones in the chute I couldn't remove with a quarter stick of dynamite.

    If I wanted winters like this, I would have moved to Virginia.

    • Arse = what you sit on.  Ass = kind of donkey.  Brings a whole new meaning to "riding into town on his ass"?

      Don't worry about the snow.  According to the "experts" you'll be growing pineapples this time next near [if the rising sea hasn't drowned you].

      • Don't know about "riding into town on his ass" but I do know about "an ass riding into town" well enough. Then again, I don't know about "ridden out of town on a rail" either so I guess I'm even all around.

        Guess we'll have all have to figure out how to make maple syrup out of pineapples then?

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