Dear Gran Dad — 13 Comments

  1. I think someone who doesn't speak English has tried to write to you and has used Google Translate

    • I think that is way beyond the scope of even Google Translate.  Normally the latter gives a vague hint as to the original content, but that mail…..? 

  2. Ha! Sounds like a "spam-from-the-past" to me. Remember when most of them sounded like that? I believe you wrote a couple posts about 'em in the past as well.

    Could be Celia Ahern though.

    • I think this one open a whole new chapter.  The old mails used to at least made a modicum of sense but this one looks like the random output from a word processor on steroids.

      I have never read Ms Ahern's output but am reliably assured as to its quality. 

  3. Blooming hell !    About twelve characters introduced in just a few lines.   Did she look in a telephone directory to find them.

    • It's pretty impressive stuff alright.  If it ran to a full novel it would be quite mind boggling if not mind numbing.  You'd need a notepad to keep track of the characters?

  4. I like the resounding oath of 'by Judith Brontë!'.  I can imagine reading a few classic works with that liberally sprinkled about.

    'I'll defend your right to speak to the death Sir, by Judith Brontë!". 

    "May you rot within and without from the Turkish pox, by Judith Brontë!!"…


  5. You seem to have a knack for creating great articles out of spam!.. You remind me of a local cork character who could make money out of what most people would discard. 

    • If they go to the bother of writing then it's only fair to read them?  I'd like to know how to make money out of them though…….

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