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  1. Aren't new coffee making machines wonderful?  They keep you wired for a day or two then they just sit there looking all modern as you go back to drinking tea.

    • 😀  Ain't that the truth!  What's worse, for various reasons all the kitchen sockets are clustered in one corner so all the electricals – toaster, kettle, microwave and now the coffee machine are all fighting for the same space.  And I've run out of sockets, so there's a fight going on there too.  How long before the new machine gets relegated to the shed? 

    • Having lived a healthy [i.e. ignoring all the health freaks] lifestyle, I'm immune to nearly all of 'em.  The machine will get cleaned whenever it starts to smell.

      • Good thinking. Besides, you need that bacteria you know. If you knew how much bacteria resides in a human's body naturally you'd probably…

        …well, it's best you don't know. Sometimes I wish I never got an A+ in advanced physiology.

        • The figure runs into the billions.  And they are more than welcome [seeing as without them I couldn't digest].  I remember once being put on a very strong antibiotic for some reason an the effects were NOT pleasant, to put it very mildly. 

  2. I've always used the plunger myself (snobs call it a cafetiere). Cleaning out the gauze thingmajig is cumbersome, and once in a blue moon I have to unscrew it and wash out the bits of coffee beans that got stuck inside. I never thought of buying a coffee maker machine.

  3. Living in  France the Missus has three coffee machines. However the one that gets used the most is the kettle with powdered Ricoré ' coffee'.

    • The old tea caddy here is going to still get a fair beating on a daily basis.  The new machine will come in handy the odd time when it's too bloody cold to sit outside the coffee shop.  It's a pity the machine doesn't come with the craic and village banter….

  4. And don't forget the white vinegar run through every 6 months or so if you make coffee every day. A 10 to 1 solution of water and white vinegar followed by a pure water rinse will keep it working for a long time. It will also make you kitchen smell like a pickle factory for a day. Something one should experience now and then.

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