There is a reason for everything

The Fates sometimes deal a fortuitous hand.

Not often, I grant but occasionally things seem to slot into place in a strange sort of way.

I did some shopping yesterday.  There were a few knick-knacks I needed and while I was out I thought I'd buy Herself a coffee making machine.  Like myself, she doesn't drink coffee unless down in the village, so why she wanted a coffee making machine is way beyond the ken of a mere male, but she has been nagging me for ages.  There are some mysteries we just have to accept and who was I to argue?

I brought it home and plonked it on the table.  It looked impressive – all shiny, silver and black glowering at me as if daring me to lay a finger on it.  I tentatively read the manual which was a fucking laugh – it was in twenty two languages [I just counted] and all they told me was to look at the diagrams at the front of the book.  The diagrams consisted of poorly drawn sketches of fingers pressing buttons and bits of the machine.  Sweet fuck all use.  The only picture I could make any sense of was the one showing a badly drawn plug being pushed into a wall-socket.

I left it to sulk on the table and went to relax.  The thought crossed my mind that there might be something more sensible on-line.  Bingo!  I found an eighteen page booklet that explained everything in detail.  I was too knackered at that stage to do anything about it so I printed the booklet off and left the experimentation for the morrow.

I had a crap night last night.  No reason – it was just one of those nights when I couldn't sleep for love nor money.  I gave up trying at around four or so, so I got up and got dressed.

That's when I realised what the fates were playing at.

Here I was mooching around the kitchen wondering what to do when I spied the coffee machine which was watching me warily from its spot on the table.  I took out the wee booklet and got to work and spent the early hours brewing mugs of coffee for myself. 

Thank you Fate.

I have never felt so awake.

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There is a reason for everything — 16 Comments

  1. Aren't new coffee making machines wonderful?  They keep you wired for a day or two then they just sit there looking all modern as you go back to drinking tea.

    • 😀  Ain't that the truth!  What's worse, for various reasons all the kitchen sockets are clustered in one corner so all the electricals – toaster, kettle, microwave and now the coffee machine are all fighting for the same space.  And I've run out of sockets, so there's a fight going on there too.  How long before the new machine gets relegated to the shed? 

    • Having lived a healthy [i.e. ignoring all the health freaks] lifestyle, I'm immune to nearly all of 'em.  The machine will get cleaned whenever it starts to smell.

      • Good thinking. Besides, you need that bacteria you know. If you knew how much bacteria resides in a human's body naturally you'd probably…

        …well, it's best you don't know. Sometimes I wish I never got an A+ in advanced physiology.

        • The figure runs into the billions.  And they are more than welcome [seeing as without them I couldn't digest].  I remember once being put on a very strong antibiotic for some reason an the effects were NOT pleasant, to put it very mildly. 

  2. I've always used the plunger myself (snobs call it a cafetiere). Cleaning out the gauze thingmajig is cumbersome, and once in a blue moon I have to unscrew it and wash out the bits of coffee beans that got stuck inside. I never thought of buying a coffee maker machine.

  3. Living in  France the Missus has three coffee machines. However the one that gets used the most is the kettle with powdered Ricoré ' coffee'.

    • The old tea caddy here is going to still get a fair beating on a daily basis.  The new machine will come in handy the odd time when it's too bloody cold to sit outside the coffee shop.  It's a pity the machine doesn't come with the craic and village banter….

  4. And don't forget the white vinegar run through every 6 months or so if you make coffee every day. A 10 to 1 solution of water and white vinegar followed by a pure water rinse will keep it working for a long time. It will also make you kitchen smell like a pickle factory for a day. Something one should experience now and then.

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