What would the neighbours think?

Giving a good impression was a part of my childhood.

My own parents were enlightened enough but my friends' parents were forever worrying about what the neighbours might think.  The public impression was far more important than the private fact.

Our gubmint in recent years has brought this phenomenon to a whole new level.

Now the vital factor is the impression Ireland has internationally.

During the banking crisis we had to pay off the bondholders because we had to "send a message to the world" that we pay our debts.  What would the financial institutions think became the catchphrase.  It didn't matter that the Irish were being screwed royally just so long as we gave a good impression.

They are at it again now.

The rebellion against Irish Water and the gubmint is "damaging our international reputation".  We must keep meekly quiet and take whatever the gubmint throws at us as we have to give that all important impression of a good country to invest in.

“It’s not acceptable. It’s giving the impression that the country can’t deal with these episodes of lawlessness. I understand people are hurting, but the way to show how they feel is through the democratic process and peaceful protest.”

Once again, they show their complete detachment from reality.  "We understand how people are hurting" is one of the greatest insults they could heap upon a nation.  They either don't understand or else they don't give a flying fuck, and my money is on the latter.  Democratic process?  Look where that has got us.  Peaceful protest?  Writing letters to the Irish Times, I suppose?

So it doesn't matter that the Irish are a broken people, and that we are being forced to pay more and more into a debt that isn't ours.  We must accept it all quietly and without complaint as otherwise what would the neighbours think.

“I was browsing the internet over the weekend and all these issues registered on news websites. The Financial Times was reporting on it, that’s our target audience and they are speaking in a negative sense.”

Good God Almighty!!  Our fucking target audience?  Does she think this is some kind of fucking soap opera? 

In her world the parents buy fancy clothes and flash cars to impress the neighbours and get invites to the golf club, while the kids are kept locked up, barefoot and starving in the back bedroom.

Fuck that.

And her.

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What would the neighbours think? — 13 Comments

  1. " the country can’t deal with these episodes of lawlessness"  … The people can't deal with the lawless actions of this government more like.

  2. Is this tart blonde by any chance? No wonder Ireland is [email protected] if this is her comprehension of Democracy, Investment and Politics. You have my deepest sympathies as here I was thinking our Prez, Francois Hollande was a grade 1 Twat.

    • Blond by nature but not by Nature, if you know what I mean?  She is fairly typical of the breed that inhabits or Dáil / parliament.  Their motto over the door states "Fuck you – I'm all right Jack".

  3. Let's cast aside this national delusion that the world is looking at us. It's like the editor of the Skibbereen Eagle keeping a sharp eye on the Tsar of Russia in the late 19th century – it wasn't true and it wouldn't have made a hair of a difference anyway. 

    • It's all we have heard since the banks went belly-up.  "We HAVE to pay the bondholders", otherwise we will lose credibility.  "The Irish economy is making a phenomenal recovery", which maybe great for investors to hear but it's news to us Irish.  That shower seem to think they can spin their way out of anything.

  4. Nothing like a government making bloody stupid decisions and then blaming on the people when they point them out instead of coming out and saying; "Yup, we were wrong, let's try something else". Sure, the something else will most likely be bloody stupid as well but at least they owned up to it.

    And Irelands' international reputation? You mean it has one? 😉

    • I could count on the fingers of one hand the number of times our lot have admitted that they were wrong.  As well as admitting defeat that would also imply that they are honest which they most definitely are not.

      Personally, I would prefer we had a reputation for rioting rather than one for leprechauns and pigs living in the kitchen!!

      • "Personally, I would prefer we had a reputation for rioting rather than one for leprechauns and pigs living in the kitchen!!"

        You mean…there aren't any? Shoor an' yor loiyin' ta me na' lad. 😀

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