Forecasting the future

I thought today was going to be a relatively quiet one.

How wrong I was..

This is the first chance I’ve had to relax and do nothing since I got up.

I knew I was going down to the village today [it was the other stuff I didn’t know about, but that’s another story that I’ll keep to myself].  Being the type of bloke who likes to think ahead I looked up the weather forecast last night.

It was grand.  Nice and dry with rain spreading up from the South West later in the evening.  No need for a coat then.

You see, I trust our weather service because they have a little note underneath their forecasts

The information presented here is derived from Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) models used in Met Eireann as forecaster guidance. Information for up to 5 days ahead comes from the ECMWF model, presented at 6-hourly intervals. The official forecast may not always reflect the guidance charts illustrated; the forecasters also consider information from satellite, radar and weather observations, in addition to the application of their own experience.

With all that incredible technology and experience how could they possibly be wrong when they were predicting a mere fourteen hours or so ahead?

It pissed down all afternoon.

Fucking cats and dogs from lunchtime onwards.

Lashing stair-rods, it was.

And these are the computer models that are predicting the next ice age global warming catastrophic climate change?

They can’t even predict what’s going to happen the next day?

They can kiss my rain-sodden arse.

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Forecasting the future — 6 Comments

    • They can piss away £97 million if they like but they might as well use a Commodore 64 if their programs are crap.  Garbage in, Garbage out…..

  1. The weather reports here are actually kinda' accurate.  Now if I watch the local channel with the good looking brunette the forecast is less accurate but who cares, she's on the screen.  On the other hand if I watch the local channel with the accredited metorologist, his forecasts are usually very correct.  He's just not as easy on the eyes.

    • A presenter that's easy on the eye is always welcome.  Gives a whole new meaning to a Warm Front?

      Back in my schooldays I studied up a bit on the subject and to be honest, if I can get my hands on a couple of successive North Atlantic Charts I can surprise myself!!

  2. Some years ago my mother-in-law took a train trip to Tralee and the radio forecast accurately predicted that a deep depression was moving in a south-westerly direction.

  3. They are getting it wrong constantly.  Hill walkers or mountaineers never use met eireann anymore. is good but only covers coastal areas. 

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