Forecasting the future — 6 Comments

    • They can piss away £97 million if they like but they might as well use a Commodore 64 if their programs are crap.  Garbage in, Garbage out…..

  1. The weather reports here are actually kinda' accurate.  Now if I watch the local channel with the good looking brunette the forecast is less accurate but who cares, she's on the screen.  On the other hand if I watch the local channel with the accredited metorologist, his forecasts are usually very correct.  He's just not as easy on the eyes.

    • A presenter that's easy on the eye is always welcome.  Gives a whole new meaning to a Warm Front?

      Back in my schooldays I studied up a bit on the subject and to be honest, if I can get my hands on a couple of successive North Atlantic Charts I can surprise myself!!

  2. Some years ago my mother-in-law took a train trip to Tralee and the radio forecast accurately predicted that a deep depression was moving in a south-westerly direction.

  3. They are getting it wrong constantly.  Hill walkers or mountaineers never use met eireann anymore. is good but only covers coastal areas. 

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