Google Glass and the blindingly obvious — 6 Comments

  1. Natural selection would correct the issue in a couple of generations. The real problem is we keep passing laws to prevent this and that let the stupid live long enough to reproduce. Of course if we didn't do that then in a couple of generation we would run our of politicians. 

    My favorite was when I saw a man driving down the freeway looking at himself his rear view mirror as he used a comb in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other to cut his own hair.  

  2. Ha Ha Ha Ha……..

    Darwin's Law in action.

    Bring it on, lets rid the world of thick bastards.

    Have you noticed all the people who walk around with ear buds shoved down their lug holes, oblivious to the world around them? Or with their eyes glued to their mobile phone screens?

    Talk about near misses. We should have an open season on the thick bastards.

  3. Indeed, I am a firm believer in Darwin and natural selection.  If these idiots want to kill themselves in a blaze of glory then the world is probably better off.  That's why I firmly endorse all these people and their "extreme sports" such as jumping off tall buildings or cycling along cliff edges.  Bring 'em on and make the world [and the gene pool] a better place.

    Unfortunately though they have a nasty habit of bringing other non-idiots with them.

  4. Reminds me of the other week when I was driving along and noticed a woman driving in the opposite direction applying her makeup in the mirror! Well, I was so shocked I dropped me phillishave in me fish & chips. Not to mention my "scrabble with friends" game suffering as a consequence…

    • Welcome Sodazed!  Indeed there have been times when I have had to do emergency stops.  It's amazing the mess a full pint glass of Guinness can make of the inside of a car….

  5. And to think I used to pilot a nuclear powered submarine which was nothing but blind spots.

    Unfortunately, I've seen the same thing where I live although watching some idiot plow into a post or stumble off a curb in front of my wife's store is always good for a laugh. And it's a damn good thing she's retiring at the end of the year because I'd have to ban anyone wearing Google Glasses from her establishment otherwise.

    Oh, and my state of Vermont banned everything but "hands-free" use of a cell phone while driving (I wonder if that applies to Google Glasses?). Now drivers can get back to smearing on make up, drinking beer, arguing with the spouse, yelling at the kids, reading the newspaper/map/book, looking at the scenery, screaming at another driver…..

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