Thoughts on the electrofag

As some of you may remember, I had cause to spend some time last week in one of our major hospitals.

As I was constantly reminded by their hectoring little hidden loudspeakers, the grounds as well as the buildings are all declared a “non smoking area”.  I’m delighted to say that people completely ignored that and smokers were puffing away everywhere.  Not that I am delighted at the sight of people smoking, just at their attitude to the holier than thou hectoring.

Anyhows, as I knew I would be spending long periods in the building I brought along my electrofag, just in case I felt the urge.

I never used it.

I have a few problems with electrofags and I can’t see any way around them.  The first is the taste.  I enjoy my pipe for its flavour and aroma.  These are completely absent in the electrofags.  I have tried various flavours of liquid and none of them comes close to pipe tobacco.  They all just taste a little sticky and sweet.

Another small problem with them is this trick of pressing a button to get a puff out of them.  It makes me feel like I’m playing some kind of flute or something and just feels strange.  I suppose the upside to that is that I don’t have to fiddle around with lighters which in itself would be a massive bonus.

I don’t know whether it’s my imagination or not but I always seem to develop a bit of a sore throat after an electrofag session.  It does definitely leave me with a bit of an oily taste in my mouth and a slightly sickly stomach.

There was a programme on the other night on BBC where they “investigated” electrofags.  The item was full of the usual crap they pump out about cigarettes [kills half of all smokers, contains arsenic formaldehyde and cancer.  What?  Cancer is an ingredient in cigarettes?] and the presenter admitted at the outside that he was biased and full of preconceptions.  They did a small series of tests on lung capacity, carbon monoxide levels and compared smokers with electrofag users.  I noted with interest that they showed the electrofag user puffing into a spirometer, whereas the cigarette smoker was placed behind a screen!

Naturally their results showed that electrofags give off far fewer chemicals and that “second hand vapour” is non-existent, but that didn’t stop the presenter – he has a “gut feeling” that because cigarettes are so harmful there must be “hidden dangers lurking in e-cigarettes”.  I got the distinct feeling he was somewhat uncomfortable when it was pointed out to him that nicotine addiction was the same as caffeine addiction.  He didn’t want to hear that.

In his summary, the presenter lets rip with all his prejudices though.  He can’t help but feel that electrofags will “normalise the consumption of nicotine” [whatever that means].  He trots out an “example” [i.e. hearsay] of an eleven year old trying a vape.  He cites the BMA as being in favour of a ban in public places.  He says “we need to be very cautious about anything that makes it easier to consume an addictive substance like nicotine”.  [I presume then that he would want to ban instant coffee?].

I got the feeling that when he gave his thumbs up to the electrofag that it was with great reluctance and that he was mentally promising himself fifty lashes of the whip for uttering such a heresy.

One way or another though, I think I’ll stick with the pipe.

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Thoughts on the electrofag — 11 Comments

  1. As a vaper, and knowing that the presenter is a rabid anti smoker, I was impressed with the balance of the report. I could hear us all yelling "hooray!" at the end.

    If you are a pipe smoker there are electrofag pipes and cigars. ROK make a smashing disposable cigar that lasts for days. The flavours are different to an ordinary electrofag and might appeal to your palate.

    • It was indeed remarkably balanced considering it was the BBC, who aren't exactly known for their impartiality.

      I used to have an electropipe but the damn thing broke down.  I couldn't find a way to fix it [apart from smashing it open] so I gave up.  I actually have an e-cigar but I'm not really a cigar type of person!

  2. I have been on the electrofag for months now and I no longer smoke cigarettes!!!  I am reducing the amount of nicotine in the juice I buy a bit at a time so that by summer I'll be nicotine free.  I like the taste of the juice I buy, though I must admit it is a bit on the sweet side.  For me the electrofag is working well.

    • Fair play!  That is one of the many great things about e-cigs – you can set your own strength [and flavour].  It is just unbelievable that the likes of the WHO are so against them.  Anti-smokers I can understand as they are fucking bonkers anyway….

  3. I went the classic route (so I've been told) of trying to find a decent tobacco flavour but none of them are any good. In the end, I thought I'd just try something benign like Watermelon and I've been vaping fruit like flavours ever since. It's odd that now I can't imagine using a tobacco flavour with an e-cig, it just doesn't go. I still love a proper smoke, but don't want that flavour when vaping, don't ask me why. Having said that, I've never used a pipe. 

    • My problem [if you can class it a problem] is that I enjoy the flavour of my tobacco – Condor.  Even a variation on the brand such as the Condor white pack instead of the green pack isn't to my taste.  While I have been known to knock back a few run and cokes in my junior years I can't imagine myself smoking it, let alone the various fruits [and vegetables?] that are around.  Never used a pipe?  You don't know what you're missing!

  4. I looked at it a different way when I bought my e-cigs. My issue was that I didn't WANT to quit smoking. I've enjoyed them for forty-three years and I'd love if I could enjoy them for forty-three more as well. So I approached e-cigs with a "what-if" question in my head. What if I had to quit smoking? In this frame of mind then I could view them differently. Having trailed the new device over several months I now know that if I decide to quit smoking, the e-cig will be my crutch. I started drinking Becks Non-Alcoholic beer on weekdays some time ago and it is perfectly acceptable if also not the real thing. E-cigs are the same. I can go to the pub on the weekends now and have real beer but vape instead of smoke. However, at home with my ground coffee at 7.00am in the morning, I still must have a cigarette to complete it. And a King Edward cigar after a fillet steak is still my definition of bliss.

    The point is that the true value of the e-cig does not kick in until you decide to quit, choose a date and get into the right frame of mind. At that point it becomes essential but right now my e-cig is just useful!

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