Thoughts on the electrofag — 11 Comments

  1. As a vaper, and knowing that the presenter is a rabid anti smoker, I was impressed with the balance of the report. I could hear us all yelling "hooray!" at the end.

    If you are a pipe smoker there are electrofag pipes and cigars. ROK make a smashing disposable cigar that lasts for days. The flavours are different to an ordinary electrofag and might appeal to your palate.

    • It was indeed remarkably balanced considering it was the BBC, who aren't exactly known for their impartiality.

      I used to have an electropipe but the damn thing broke down.  I couldn't find a way to fix it [apart from smashing it open] so I gave up.  I actually have an e-cigar but I'm not really a cigar type of person!

  2. I have been on the electrofag for months now and I no longer smoke cigarettes!!!  I am reducing the amount of nicotine in the juice I buy a bit at a time so that by summer I'll be nicotine free.  I like the taste of the juice I buy, though I must admit it is a bit on the sweet side.  For me the electrofag is working well.

    • Fair play!  That is one of the many great things about e-cigs – you can set your own strength [and flavour].  It is just unbelievable that the likes of the WHO are so against them.  Anti-smokers I can understand as they are fucking bonkers anyway….

  3. I went the classic route (so I've been told) of trying to find a decent tobacco flavour but none of them are any good. In the end, I thought I'd just try something benign like Watermelon and I've been vaping fruit like flavours ever since. It's odd that now I can't imagine using a tobacco flavour with an e-cig, it just doesn't go. I still love a proper smoke, but don't want that flavour when vaping, don't ask me why. Having said that, I've never used a pipe. 

    • My problem [if you can class it a problem] is that I enjoy the flavour of my tobacco – Condor.  Even a variation on the brand such as the Condor white pack instead of the green pack isn't to my taste.  While I have been known to knock back a few run and cokes in my junior years I can't imagine myself smoking it, let alone the various fruits [and vegetables?] that are around.  Never used a pipe?  You don't know what you're missing!

  4. I looked at it a different way when I bought my e-cigs. My issue was that I didn't WANT to quit smoking. I've enjoyed them for forty-three years and I'd love if I could enjoy them for forty-three more as well. So I approached e-cigs with a "what-if" question in my head. What if I had to quit smoking? In this frame of mind then I could view them differently. Having trailed the new device over several months I now know that if I decide to quit smoking, the e-cig will be my crutch. I started drinking Becks Non-Alcoholic beer on weekdays some time ago and it is perfectly acceptable if also not the real thing. E-cigs are the same. I can go to the pub on the weekends now and have real beer but vape instead of smoke. However, at home with my ground coffee at 7.00am in the morning, I still must have a cigarette to complete it. And a King Edward cigar after a fillet steak is still my definition of bliss.

    The point is that the true value of the e-cig does not kick in until you decide to quit, choose a date and get into the right frame of mind. At that point it becomes essential but right now my e-cig is just useful!

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