Greeting the zombies — 13 Comments

  1. My Grandson (the wee man) is three years old and has just started 'school'.    The children play a 'Zombie' game.   My daughter has just put this on he website:-


    "I want Wee Man around me if we ever get a zombie apocalypse. Today he shouted "run for your knives!"


    I didn't correct him"

    • The Granddaughter is keen on the subject too.  Any film with zombies will do.  The three year old Grandson is a bit older and wiser though.  [*run for your knives – love it!*]

  2. When I moved to this village it was a big deal, so I entered into the spirit.  I stuck a blue bulb in the porch and wore the mask from 'Scream'.  I never knew the little bastards could run that fast…

  3. Oh ha ha – had a good laugh at this. Electrified gate? Bwaaaha ha. WC Fields – "I like children if they are properly cooked."

    Shockingly politically incorrect. Everyone loves children didn't you know?

    • "Shockingly politically incorrect" – that, Sir is the nicest compliment I have received in ages.

      Children should be seen and not heard.  Except in advertising, slogans or junk science where they shouldn't be seen either.  Little shits.

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