Penetrating my rear end — 4 Comments

  1. If you deleted all 460 of them then you may have missed that letter from the wife of the Former Nigerian Finance Minister who needs to get $4.5 million out of the country in your name.

  2. I got a phone call from a 'concerned Network Security Company' yesterday, saying that my computer was going to be hacked into.

    "Which one?"  I asked

    "Er…could be just one, could be all of them" came the reply

    "Thanks for the heads-up mate, but no need to worry – I work for GCHQ's cyber-terrorism unit.  By the way, do you mind if I take down your name and address so I can check it against the details coming up on the screen here?"

    I've never heard a phone put down so quickly.  What was it I said?

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