Green shoots — 9 Comments

  1. People have had enough of the bullshit, the lies, the chicanery and outright deceit.  They have had enough of being robbed blind at every turn.

    About time too. I hope that the English people follow suit, very soon.

  2. "Green shoots" for me will be when the Irish Army rebels against the politburo and begins shooting politicians on the streets of Dublin. 

  3. I remember having overwintered a lovely alocasia indoors, I thought that it was time in March or so for it to be placed outdoors.

    It prospered and new green shoots sprung up.

    But then a cold frosty night came and all the new shoots were lost. I thought the plant had died but after bringing it inside again to the heat it did recover – admittedly after effectively the duration of another winter.

    If one measures success by green shoots alone one might be premature 

    • As far as I am concerned the whole lot of 'em can stay out in the frost.  And I hope they get frostbite.  [Politicians – not your alocasia]

  4. There will be growth in the spring, mostly snowdrops, daffodils and pansy economists spouting the usual macroeconomic statistical twaddle.

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