Selling my soul to the highest bidder — 11 Comments

  1. Well said that nan. I put ANRNCRTS on any envelope that arrives with a Mr in the address field. after just six months of doing this the letterbox is rusting up.

  2. I liked Gene Kerrigan's article but understand that he was wrong on something which he then proceeded to get mileage from.

    "At first, some of us were suspicious of the fact that Irish Water won't sell us water unless we give them our PPS numbers – and that of every child in the house.The people who sell me electricity and gas and chicken tikka masala can deliver the stuff to my house without needing my PPS number."

    Irish Water website:

    "If you don’t contact us or we don’t receive an application online, by telephone or by post from you, your bills will based on the details we have about your household. If you have an Irish Water installed water meter, we will charge you for water services based on water meter readings. If you do not have an Irish Water installed water meter, we will charge you based on the information available to us in accordance with the approved water charges plan."


    So my understanding is that Irish Water will sell water to Gene Kerrigan without his PPS number but they will not give credit to Gene Kerrigan for the 'free water' allowance unless he gives his PPS number. Just as he will not get an old age pension free travel pass without his PPS number.

    I agree that it is wrong for PPS number to be shared with a private/semi-private company but believe that the impact of Gene Kerrigan's article was diminished


    • That is all indeed true but the bottom line is that they want all your details [and don't exactly shout about what they do with them], and if you don't give them everything they want they will charge you considerably more.  I would call that robbery with menaces.

      Regarding the free travel pass – that is something that is administered [and funded] by Social Welfare so they are entitled to use the PPS.  The various transport bodies involved never get those details.

      • I haven't received the form yet but I presume that if it does contain a water account number, one could put the PPS security issue back to the state.

        Write to Alan Kelly or Michael Noonan confirming (they already have an address associated with every PPS) the PPS numbers of those resident in the house and ask him to confirm to Irish Water the appropriate 'free water; allowance but without giving him permission to pass on your PPS number for confidentiality reasons

  3. Just read that article ri "Obedientia Civium, Urbis Felicitas": The obedient citizen makes for a happy city.

    Fuck me stiff how blatant does it have to get before folks realise, grasp, understand, see, know they are being shafted from cradle to grave by a bunch of thieving arseholes?
    Mind it's just the same over here but I've never come across a motto as explicit as that one on this island.

  4. Maybe they want to 'share' the information with Bono so he can spam us with his next record if we don't pay up!

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