Happy Mondays

I thought I would write about something pleasant today.

Reading back on my various ramblings, I do seem to complain rather a lot?

So it’s time to write something cheerful; something that will brighten up your Monday.

Let’s see now…

I could write about what a lovely day it is?

Nah!  Clichéd and tediously boring.

I could write about Penny trying to catch flies?

Nah!  You would have to be here to appreciate how funny that is.

I could write about what I got up to last night?

Nah!  On second thoughts, the less said about that, the better.

I have just realised something.

Trying to be happy makes me miserable.

But being miserable makes me happy.

Normal service will resume………….

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Happy Mondays — 10 Comments

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