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  1. The insanity is the United Kingdom is a member of the Union not England Ireland Scotland Wales. But it matter nought the government counts the ‘votes’ so the outcome is already decided all you have witnessed and you are a brave man indeed visiting the British Buggering Corporations output, is grandstanding by pack of coin a phrase.


    This typing malarky in this new plugin wanders off screen…is there a fix coming or are my fifteen inches no longer adequate?

    • Sorry about the comment thingy wandering off-screen. That pissed me off too. I have disabled the plugin yoke and have spent the last hour looking for a workable alternative – nothing that I can find [yet]. 🙁

  2. “Of course one way or another it doesn’t matter a damn whether Scotland have their own parliament as one way or another they’ll still be answerable to Brussels. Unless of course they decide to leave the EU which would be a momentous decision and could pave the way for the rest of us to start shouting?”

    Actually, if they leave the UK they are no longer in the EU. They will have to grovel to join behind those east european countries who are begging for admittance.

    Of course other countries are bricking a yes vote.

    Spain and Catalonia springs to mind.

    • Do you seriously think they would even consider going it alone? If the result is a Yes then are they supposed to have another referendum to re-join? I cannot imagine a scenario where they would be outside the EU. Mind you, in that unlikely event I might be more than tempted to emigrate!

    • Correct – if they leave the UK, they are no longer part of the EU, and they can’t join the EU until they apply and meet all kinds of criteria, which could take years. Oh … and … only one other EU member needs to reject the application for membership to be denied … I wonder who that might be!!??

      The latest news is that if Scotland go independant, then apparently that global power in the shape of Cornwall want to have a referendum too!

      • Not to be all “I’m an American and don’t bloody know anything about the rest of the world” on you, but why the hell would Scotland reject one yoke just to turn around and harness itself with another (EU)?

          • Well, there’s that, of course.

            But I thought the whole “go it alone” attitude thing was extremely frowned upon [especially by the Germans, who have just been aching for decades to bring out their truncheons…] to the point where the EU “assists” the benighted state into “seeing reason”?

            • Of course the Germans wouldn't be happy – it would somewhat spoil their plans for the Fourth Reich.

  3. An independent Scotland won’t go it alone. It will eventually annex an Independent Northern Ireland – and they’ll build a railway tunnel under the Mull of Kintyre. Come to think of it, isn’t it time they planned a railway tunnel between Rosslare and Cherbourg?

  4. Why would anyone want to leave Great Britain? It’s never succeeded, except for the USA, Canada, India, Hong Cong, the Virgin Islands, and Australia. Now that think about why to hell did anyone stay?

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