When freedom is a prison — 11 Comments

  1. For example granddad lets assume you have a pre crime drone and you are going to the shop.
    The pre crime drone would follow you in your car. Should you drive too fast the pre crime drone will issue verbal warnings of the dangers of speed and may inform the authorities after so many warnings.

    Another example is smoking. should you light up the drone will issue a verbal warning of the dangers of smoking and may request a health and safety champion to call to your house to discuss the dangers of smoking and how you could kick the habit and may supply the appropriate literature.

    It sounds just like my ex-wife (that is why she is my ex-wife)

    • The whole thing sounds pretty grim.  At least you can chuck a missus out the door but those drone things sound far worse.  And all to set us free?

  2. I hope you an the likes of all the other influential bloggers we have mailed will lead the charge towards harmonious equilibrium.


    Does he/she mean he/she has multiple personalities or there are more than one of them?

    Why don’t they use the forks? (Simpsons reference)

    • I’m not sure about the multiple personality thing and I’m not sure if SS is either.

      Not having seen the Simpsons for years I had to look up that reference.  Good one!  😀

  3. Well, where and how could I begin to describe the incredible sense of relief I enjoyed at the revelation that his midi-chlorian count will exempt him from a vow of celibacy.  All he needs now is someone to be not-celibate with.


    Coming(!) to a cinema near you:  Star Wars Episode VIII – Supershadow, Escape From Madame Palm.

    • Are we back to my previous post again?  So long as he limits himself to three a week he should be OK?

  4. Wow – you get the most fucking awesome spam email.

    I get mostly stuff about your old pal, W
    After 5 years of President Obama, America needs real leaders like President George W. Bush.
    While working in the Bush administration, I saw how much President Bush valued honesty and transparency. He always stood up for the American people and defended our conservative principles.
    If you miss W. too, we have an American-made mug just for you…
    Aware as I am exactly how much George meant to you and your own personal War On Tourism,
    I’m including the link –

    • Strange as it may seem, I miss old Dubya.  He was always good for a drop of inspiration whereas the present incumbent is just plain dull.  Mind you, he seems to be picking up on old Dubya with his latest “we must save the world by bombing the shit out of anyone we dislike” efforts.

      Thanks for the link.  Maybe I’ll paint my own?

  5. Hack the drone and use it to harass others or to peep into various windows that you shouldn't be peeping in. Better yet, use it to harass the solicitors that come to your door early in the morning.

    And do you think you could act "appropriately" now and then? It seems that I've become your "balance" for some oddball reason. So whenever you get pissed out of your skull and drive home after, knocking some unfortunate bugger into the ditch, I end up being dragged out of bed in the wee hours of the morning to go find an old lady to help across the street. Sometimes I have to break into their house just to accomplish this and my wife is sick and tired of bailing me out of the local tanty.

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