My Top 99 Pet Hates — 45 Comments

  1. No.92 plastic bags for clothing collections. I just say thanks for the bin bags, saves me buying them!

    • Amen to that.  Unfortunately they copped on here, so now I never get any free bin-bag deliveries.

    • Had more than a slight problem with that one myself.  However, I decided to publish unexpurgated just to see the reaction!

    • In Aust. its against the law to smoke in cars and you better Run if Anyone sees you do it ! ! So if I love Gaol or Public Beatings or even Worse having you Kids taken away to Foster Care. Puff Away child Abuser..


  2. Don't agree with his number 22 (smoking in cars). And then number 32 (pub closures). And then realised he doesn't understand 'paste special' so I felt superior again, and better.

    • Welcome, Lysistrata!  He's [and we all assume a "he"] is apparently not a smoker?!  Smoking in cars with kids is merely inconsiderate, not "child abuse".  You have me on the "paste special" bit though?  I pasted directly off the original with one tiny spelling correction and a bit of fiddling to get the desired effects in #98.

  3. Mr Angry pesonified…him not you…just wait till supershadow gets wind of this…there'll be hell to pay.

    • Or could this be the real Supershadow, finally venting all his frustrations in one blast?

  4. I can personally empathise with #34 in a big way;

    Was attending a family funeral a few weeks ago where for two days there was a five year old brat obliviously running round the open coffin and the room shouting and screeching as if his hole was on fire. When asked (sigh… politely) by his doting slave Mother to stop, he unequivocally told her to fuck off. Jeeeeesus, what I wouldn't have given for a cattle prod. Would've used it on his Mother as well for having the little shite there in the first place.

    • Have you thought about investing in a Tazer?  You wouldn't even have to leave your pew/seat?  And it creates a spectacular floor-show.

  5. I guess that I am  … a right of centre, middle class, white male, with no kids, highly opinionated and with a low tolerance threshold.  So there!


    • Ah, yes!  He is a man.  I missed that bit.

      [That wasn't you who penned the original, Brianf?  Nah!  No mention of guns or Obama…..]

    • I mailed him today to say that this was going up.  So far, no sign of him.  Pity – we could get a right old flame-war going?

  6. I love the way he(?) expects all the motorway traffic to slow up and swap lanes just to let him in – actually a surprisingly large number of people do if conditions allow, it's one of those few little things that occasionally restores ones faith in common sense courtesy.

    And all the things he has missed! Neighbours who store their dogs outside to yap and bark all day, people who cut what should be natural rural grass verges in front of their houses into sterile lawns, people whocontinuously 'push' – if they mend the fence they move it a foot into your garden, when they park their car it's over the space and you can't open your door – I'm sure you know the type, silent phone calls, non-silent sales calls from people you have no dealings with, pretend official parking tickets from private companies, dishonesty from officials you should be able to trust. People who think correlation = causation,…I better stop, or send you a proper list.

    • It sounds to me like you need to get a few things off the old chest?  I'll expect your 99 items no later than last [email] post, Friday…..  😈

      • I'm one of those people who pull over before approaching a busy on-ramp. That's because there are dummies here in the USA that don't check their mirrors when entering then lurch across three lanes of traffic. If I am in the far lane I have more time to react and avoid hitting them. Why avoid hitting them? They will lie about you and then hire a shyster lawyer to sue you even if you were not at fault. If it comes to a jury trial there will always be at least one or two fools on it who will believe them.

  7. He needs to get out and about more. Obviously a pollitical researcher or some other lightweight occupation. He hasn't a clue. Despite his claims to the contrary I doubt if he doesn't care about what people think of his peurile whinging; a fine example of a twat of the first order.

    • I suppose that could equally apply to me as well?  Constantly whinging?  Do I need to get out more?

      • No I don't think my comment applies to you GD, this git seems to get peeved over the slightest thing. Anyway you are out and about often enough and I would imagine the company you keep doesn't let you get away with much.

  8. I had a fine comment almost entirely written here and somehow I fat-fingered an unknown key combination which wiped the whole thing out and now I forgot what I wanted to say except for the following.

    As for #97, Mr RSP needs to come to the States (I'll exclude Alaska and Hawaii for matters of convenience) and spend about…oh…the rest of his life, traveling to every single town and city in every single state (the 48 contigious that is…and he won't make it by the way) so that he can not only realize how huge the US really is but, more importantly, the way people speak and use the english language changes completely depending on the location. That goes for accents as well.

    One pet peeve of mine then: People living anywhere outside the US using the terms "America" or "Americans" as if the US were the size of Scotland and we all acted the exact same way.


    • I thought that I would reply just to this comment.  I've been to the US a number of times and it is indeed vast.  You will notice however that I said you could call it American English when you learn to spell, and so not a criticism of the use of words, diallect or accent.  The observation was related to things like … Optimize, Color, Sympathize.  As an example, and as far as I am aware, whilst Canadians have a localised derivatative of the French langauage that they speak, they don't spell the words differently.

      • In the same way that China invented what we call Bonsai, the Japanese perfected it.  The British invented the language and we Americans have perfected it!

      • Hi RSP,

        I meant no offense with my comment, of course, and thanks for replying. I probably should apologize to you actually, as I left the comment just to see if you'd reply. Grandad will confirm that I'm just strange (but mostly harmless) that way.

        • Hi Kirk,

          Absolutely no offense taken – I took it in banter form, as promoted by Grandad's blog.  Challenging and checking are a worthy part of life's rich tapestry, otherwise we might as well all give up now, believe everything we are told and do everything we are told 🙂

  9. What sort of person actually thinks that charity workers are selfish. The guy who wrote this was seriously messed up. And just to annoy u, u were srsly messed up…

    • I acn't answer that as I don't know who it was, or what kind of person he/she/it is.

      I <3 U 2.

  10. Can't say as I agree with #2 as self service tills are a pet hate of mine. It's not because of not being able to use them (they're quite straight forward enough), it's because, as is inherent with autonomy, I feel that they're a threat to people's livelihood. Ask yourself this, how many people spray paint cars for a living these days?  #17 was pretty much spot on except you forgot to include people who take totally non standard sentences and abbreviate them to initials for example: "I'm going down the road to buy some beer" as "IGDTRTBSB" and then expect other people to know what the hell they're talking about. The one pet hate that I was surprised to not see here is the one where you get someone who queues up at the checkout of a supermarket, the cashier then rings all their shopping in, announces  how much it costs only to find that the customer has vanished because they've gone back out into the supermarket to carry on shopping, holding up all the other customers. People like that should be shot. 

    • Welcome, Rik Trik!

      I have a major thing about supermarkets – hate the fucking things and will only enter under threat of starvation – so I have never had the pleasure of trying one of those self-checkout things.  I have seen them but that's as far as it goes.  I prefer to go to a proper checkout and then insist on paying the exact amount in small change.  It's one of the pleasures of being a pensioner.  😈

  11. You hit the nail perfectly on the head with 31!!! I’ve been saying that for years, fool’s a good word but I’d go for total fucking idiot’s, haha. How can you read that O.T.T bullshit and believe it??? I just don’t get it!!! Oh, and let’s kill millions over a STORY book too, idiot’s!!

  12. The only thing wrong with this list is that it is too short. Being an American I guess I should be offended and start sniveling about rule 97 but I'm not and I won't. I like how sometimes UK English is far more descriptive than our modified version. Like the bit about the kid running around like his A-hole was on fire. I got a good laugh out of that one.  I'd like to add one more to your hate list but it's something I believe happens more in America than it does in the UK.  It's people who use the term "Educate" or "Education" as if it will solve all the worlds ills. Things like "If we educate violent criminals that what they do hurts other people, they will stop." I could keep on going here but I will stop now.

  13. Oh this is absolutely brilliant, (although i do not concur with a couple), the majority are so incredibly accurate! 

  14. I Loathe when People misuse the words Theory and Hypothesis.! God, look the meanings up!

    People that Smack the Lips & Mouth when Eating. Its like eating a meal w Skippy the Bush Kangaroo! 

    For what possible reason is Halloween being celebrated here in Aust. Do any Ozzies even know what its about other than a Cheap Tacky Marketing stunt?

    Using Penultimate when Ultimate should be. Again grab a Dictionary! 

  15. People who use incorrect words such as theory instead of hypothesis.  Penultimate instead of ultimate. Penultimate is NOT more than Ultimate. Its Less than Ultimate!  Another hate is FOOLS whose voices Rise in Pitch at the End of Sentences. 

    Another Serious Hate of mine are whining Morons who constantly complain about their lives.  "I Hate my Life.  I wish I was Dead!!" God Man. We're living in Australia,  the Greatest country on the Planet!  All people can  worship Any Religion with out Fear of Retribution! Obtain an Education etc etc. 

    There a number of other Hates however these are first that sprung to mind. Others will be listed as they come to Mind. 

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