Pots calling kettles — 11 Comments

  1. Surely you have a copy of Windows running in a Virtual Machine on your Linux box? Then you could really see how badly the attachment would bugger up most of their intended recipients.

    • Do I really want to go to the [relatively small] bother of installing a Virtual Machine and then go through the [nightmaringly tedious] bother of installing Windows in it?  Mind you, if I then set up weird and wonderful email addresses and obscure bank account details on that Windows it might be worth the fun…………………..  😈

  2. Blimey, some people get all the fun! I never get emails like that; all mine are from Nigerian princesses and the like. I bet it never occurred to them that you might not be using Windows.

    Quite apart from the fact that no-one in their right mind would open a zipped attachment from an unknown source, even if it's allegedly from a trusted source I would expect most people, if they opened it, would open it in sandboxie or similar.

    They must have to cast a wide net to catch not many phish.

    • You would be surprised at just how many people would open those files.  But even if we assume that 1% of recipients are gullible idiots, and that 10,000 mails are dispatched, that is still 100 compromised victims.  And you can be damn sure they send out a lot more than 10,000!

  3. Gosh, that takes me back, my first computer programme used in our business used to accuse me of 'illegal acts' at least once every day!  Never did discover what I was supposed to have done. 

    • Ah yes! Good old Win 95 / 98! Those bloody messages scared me to death when I first started using a computer. I'd be thinking:"Oh my God, what have I done? This is going to cost me, for sure!"

  4. I also got that email this morning
    I was so suprised to that
    I don’t live in usa
    how would you treat that?
    I don’t know what should I do

    • Delete it.  It's a scam.  If you have already opened the attachment and run the file then I suggest you bring your PC to a PC doctor immediately!

  5. It’s obvious. They got word that you not only use a free desktop operating system but most if not all the software you use on it is also free. But since there’s no such thing as a free desktop operating system or free software (after all, there’s only Windows and OSX, right?) then it must be pirated.

    See you in court, bub.

    • "See you in court, bub."  Which one?  Corpus Christi or Concord?  And to add to the confusion I have just received another one – 11am on the 12th in Sunnyvale.  They really are out to get me?

      • Well, I suppose I could take the one in Sunnyvale (California I take it?), you could take one of the other two and you can send K8 to the remaining one? Slap a wig and a false beard on me and K8, I could fudge a fair accent and Bob's your uncle (whatever that means). However, if I get sentenced to jail time, I'm ditching the wig and false beard and beating it back to Vermont.

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