Remembering the forgotten — 12 Comments

  1. I agree!……people waste too much time on the rich and famous!…I'm sorry about Robin passing, but that's it.  I don't know the man and neither do the people who leave all those heartfelt messages!  It's almost enough to make ya sick!

  2. Human ablity to empathize with those they know through many years of films and comidic appearences makes you sick ? That says more about you than those people leaveing messages tbh 

  3. The greatest love of my life killed herself this week 20 years ago.  I can never forget or understand why.  Any suicide is a terrible impact on those who know and love them.

    • My deepest sympathies. Every suicide is a family tragedy. I had a cousin who drowned himself at the age of 22 over thirty years ago. I also knew a neighbour lad aged 24 who killed himself almost ten years ago. Thousands attended the funeral. So many friends and relatives are still wondering 'what if…' But there will never be an answer.

      As for the tragic deaths of celebs – they are the subject of intensive media frenzy; they leave sadness among their fans; their relatives are devestated. Celeb deaths should be remarked upon, but their deaths are not as important as the thousands of deaths caused by famines and wars. Page One of a newspaper should report priority news such as disease epidemics, famines, earthquakes, wars and political corruption. Priority and perspective are operative words for the practice of journalism IMHO.

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