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  1. You should leave a big note on the door saying "WAIT FOR ME, I'LL BE BACK IN LESS THAN TWO MINUTES".

    Boot's on the other foot, then.

    • They would only ignore it.  That's one of their rules.  I took a chance and went down to the village anyway.  They actually didn't call while I was out!

      I'm still waiting, by the way……………………..

  2. It is the same here. Last wednesday I was in the workshop all day. there sure as hell was no Chronopost ( the French version of Parcel Force ) van, Normal postie yes, I had no clue that they had supposedly passed because no note was left in the letterbox. Get a call friday midday, it will be at your nearest Post office 3 kms away, er no actually there is one nearer than that, go down there with this number and some I.D. tomorrow morning to callect it. Meanwhile the client who's bike is waiting the parts is chewing my ears off. Seems it is the same the world over with Parcel delivery.

    • What I am waiting for is a skip.  There is no fucking way I am going to collect that from the local post office or anywhere else for that matter.

      I had one of those notes in the past.  Nearest post offfice is half a mile away.  I had to collect from the office five fucking miles away.  Bastards.

    • I had to watch that a few times.  The first time I missed the video as I was too busy reading the subtitles.  The second time I watched the video but couldn't understand a word.  The third time I finally got the two in syncronisation.  It was worth it though.  Quite a story!

  3. You do realise you just told the whole world ( well us at least) where we can get rid of our garden waste for the next few days? He, he.  You'll be sleeping with one eye open methinks.

    • Feel free.  The fucking thing still hasn't arrived and if you dump anything on my driveway, I will find you.

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