Not so innocent — 5 Comments

  1. Hasn't ,"Innocent Bystander", been replaced with, "Collateral Damage"?  People no longer are bystanders but instead we are to use the less personal words of Collateral Damage.  That way it's not really people who have died but instead a statistic to be calculated.  Welcome to the 21st century.

    • I thought "collateral damage" had been replaced with "friendly fire"?  I wish you Merkans would make your minds up.

  2.   If someone is "innocent" then by default anyone else who is mentioned must be "guilty", and of course "guilty" means they should be hung drawn and quartered.  It's a neat little ploy to nudge the scales of justice against the "non-innocent"?


    Give that man a prize. He's got it in one!

  3. Have you also noticed that every time there is a violent assault or murder in a residential area, when the meeja go round interviewing the neighbours, they ALWAYS describe those involved as "Such nice, normal people – always kept themselves to themselves".

    • Here in Ireland every kid seems to have been a leading light in their local sports club.  And of course they were all "inspirational" at school.

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