Scraping the barrel — 17 Comments

  1. They'll probably have it on the goggle box down the pub as well, GD. Better of heading to the shed with a bottle of Paddy and the pipe.

    • There's no television in the pub.  We gave Pullit a straight choice – TV or customers.  He chose to have customers. Wise man.

  2. Actually given some of the shows that are out their it might be too intellectual when compared to "the Jersey Shore", "Big Brother", or anything about the "Kardasians". People are so desperate to entertainment they even read about the random thoughts of some ancient Irishman. 

    • "People are so desperate to entertainment they even read about the random thoughts of some ancient Irishman"

      Where?  Do I have some competition?

  3. Had to laugh at the media bias, in my opinion it should be " What went right? " as it's about the only time the council didn't bow down to the mind boggling greed of the promoters, the GAA and the greedy f**k known as Barf Grooks. I say well done to the blokes who said NO to them.

    No doubt the council will be completely at fault for being honest and doing their job in a professional manner .

    • Welcome, Rik p!  Frankly I couldn't give even a smidgin of a damn about who was at fault.  The whole episode was a crashing bore, and the idea of making documentaries about the fiasco……!!!

  4. I'm off to the pub.

    A wise decision, GD. I stopped watching TV about 15 years ago, after I'd been suckered in to paying for Sky satellite TV, and realised that I now had the choice of about a hundred channels, and they were all, without exception, unmitigated shite from dawn 'til dusk.

    These days I download movies and series torrents that I want to watch, and do so (watch them, that is) at my leisure at the time of my choosing. And if I want to watch something live (like F1, which I'm quite keen on), I hook up to a live streaming site, and watch it from there. Murdoch can fuck off with his extortionate satellite channels. Don't need them.

    And what's with these red squares with 'IFRAME' in them that are pursuing me across the comment box?

      • On my last comment, I copied and pasted the italicised quote at the top, and they just appeared then – three of them next to each other. On this comment, where I clicked 'Reply', they appeared immediately. When I click on one of the boxes, I get a black line frame superimposed on the box with small squares at the corners and midway along the connecting lines, as in a re-sizing frame. This has been happening for about the past couple of weeks, I guess.

  5. Garth "Fucking" Brooks!  I don't get it.  Of all the crap that America can send abroad why is there an interest in this horrible pop-country music?  I don't get it and I'm an American!


  6. We were lucky over here the other night – a showing of The Guard. Never seen it – great film!

  7. Just adds additional justification to my decision of ditching my TV hook up back in the late '90s. A decision I made and never looked back. Hollywood anchor actors, nothing but hype and flash news, no substance shows and 142 channels of infomercials. And all for $199.99 a month. We still have our TV, a middle of the road surround sound system, a hundred or so movies on DVD and the WWW for all the rest.

    Oh, and please forgive any misspellings please. Your autocorrect for your fancy comment box appears not to be working.

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