Weapons grade tobacco

I wouldn't consider myself as vain.

I have never dyed my hair [or beard] and never will.

If I lost my hair I wouldn't wear a wig.

I have never worn makeup of any shape form or description.

You may therefore gather that I have never used a sunbed.  Not only have I never used one, but I don't ever recollect even seeing one. 

My attitude to sunbeds is that I think they perform quite a valuable service to society.  They are an excellent application of the Darwinian principle that they fry only those people stupid enough and vain enough to climb into them.  If people want to grill themselves to a crisp then that's fine by me.  And I think even Nanny would be hard pressed to convince people that there is such a thing as second-hand tanning? They are virtually unique in that they grill only those who deserve to be grilled, and as such are a perfect culling device.

With regard to under 18 using the devices, well that's up to the parents.  If they are moronic enough to allow their spawn to use them then that is a simple way of ensuring that that particular gene is eradicated from evolution.  The parents have to know about it as the tan is just a little bit of a hint as to what Junior has been up to.

It therefore hit me with a whallop of supreme indifference when I read that sunbeds are to banned for anyone under 18, as and from next Monday.  Good old Nanny is protecting the brain-dead from themselves once more.

It did come as a bit of a surprise though to learn that sunbeds are as carcinogenic as tobacco and plutonium?


Sunbeds and plutonium emit radiation which accounts for their danger, but tobacco?  I had no idea it was that dangerous?

I ask myself which would I rather do?  Spend an hour in a room with a bucket of plutonium, an hour in a sunbed or an hour puffing on my pipe?  I think I know the answer.

I wonder which Kathleen O'Meara would prefer?

Fucking idiotic twat.



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Weapons grade tobacco — 7 Comments

  1. If I remember my fizziks lessons correctly, Plutonium does not emit particularly strong rays, a sheet of A4 thickness paper will stop them ( I can't remember for sure if they are Gamma rays ) however it is EXTREMELY toxic and if you were to pick up a lump the toxicity would enter you via your skin and kill you quickly.

  2. I didn't know who this Kathleen O'Meara is so I googled her!  Damn!  Her only expierence seems to be losing political races.  Her Wiki entry goes on and on about all the races she has lost and how her votes were 13.5% at best.  How does a loser like her gain so much publicity and power?

    • Damn!  I just realised that I put a link into my wee brainfart but for some unknown reason the site removed it.  Bad site!!!

      O'Meara is one of those who has worked her way into the cancer scene has has lost the run of herself altogether since.  A Queen Nanny if ever there was one.

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