Weapons grade tobacco — 7 Comments

  1. really, that much radiation…from smoking…wonder my mr hasn't grown another head then 

    • Let's hope North Korea don't hear about it.  They'll be firing Virginia tipped missiles everywhere.

  2. If I remember my fizziks lessons correctly, Plutonium does not emit particularly strong rays, a sheet of A4 thickness paper will stop them ( I can't remember for sure if they are Gamma rays ) however it is EXTREMELY toxic and if you were to pick up a lump the toxicity would enter you via your skin and kill you quickly.

    • Alpha Particles [electrons as was?], Beta particles [Protons, as was?] and Gamma radiation.  Of course the atom was completely different in my day.  Now it's all Quarks and Strangeness.

  3. I didn't know who this Kathleen O'Meara is so I googled her!  Damn!  Her only expierence seems to be losing political races.  Her Wiki entry goes on and on about all the races she has lost and how her votes were 13.5% at best.  How does a loser like her gain so much publicity and power?

    • Damn!  I just realised that I put a link into my wee brainfart but for some unknown reason the site removed it.  Bad site!!!

      O'Meara is one of those who has worked her way into the cancer scene has has lost the run of herself altogether since.  A Queen Nanny if ever there was one.

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