Stating the bleeding obvious — 6 Comments

  1. It's quite incredible how perspicatious the new generation of medical researchers are. What would we do without them? If it wasn't for their unstinting dedication to their profession, we would still be unaware of how deadly a whiff of tobacco smoke is; but now, thanks to their unbiased observations (and of course our beloved governments' lightening responses) we can now freeze our balls off enjoy the fresh, smoke-free air outside the pub when we want a fag, secure in the knowledge that we aren't going to drop dead as a result of smelling a waft of smoke from that deadly leaf. Pneumonia is a small price to pay for that escape from assured death.

    Yes, we have much to thank those towering intellects for.

    • What baffles me is how the human race survived before Nanny came along.  Who protected us from ourselves back then?  Even more pertinant – how come we're not all dead?

  2. Quality of research: 2%

    Conclusions: 0%

    Overall score: Would you ever fuck off and stop wasting oxygen.

    BUT here is what matters to THEM!

    Boxes Ticked

    Message delivered

    Funding secured

    Bonus secured

    Pension secured

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