Inflation in the pipeline — 10 Comments

  1. It might have been easier to cut the pipework either end of your floor, and possibly other places, then test each hidden length under pressure to see if it leaked before removing the floor

    • There were two options.  They could indeed have just ripped up the floors at the radiators.  The process would have fucked up the boards making them impossible to reuse.  I would therefore have to buy another batch of flooring which wouldn't match the existing.  The other option was to lift the boards a length at a time and then reuse them afterwards.  The lads did that and the end result is that you wouldn't believe they had ever been moved.  Brilliant job!

  2. overcoats only work as long as the leak stays small, it sucks to switch up to bathing suits in the dead of winter

  3. .It's good to hear all went well.  As I was reading the post I was picturing plumbers with fire axes going at it on your flooring

    • Plumbers going at it on the kitchen floor?  Another interesting mental image……

  4. There are boiler and pipe free systems down in the Midlands. A fine bog of turf will provide all the tax free fuel you need for the winter and you can even save on electricity by boiling the kettle on the fire

    • Careful Ian…  the EU will have your hide for even mentioning the idea of cutting turf. 

      • The turf this year is very good – though not as good as last year, which hardened to the consistency of coal and was not liable to a single cent of carbon tax

  5. As it happens I'm sitting here waiting for the plumber to return as we speak.  Apparently it's the ignition box or some such.  He's been trying to track the source of the problem that leaves me with a sudden change from hot to cold water in the middle of a shower!!  As it's now gone on strike permanently he's finally found the problem………I hope.

    • I would have thought that a sudden switch from hot to cold is a good thing?  Good for the circulation.  A bit like running out of the sauna into the snow.

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