What a lot of bull

I am confused, and that is putting it mildly.

The powers that be in Pamplona are only too delighted to welcome tourists by the container load.  They are happy to pack said tourists into very narrow streets.

They are then quite at ease with the idea of releasing a herd of enraged bulls into said streets to rampage amongst the said tourists.

They are delighted when a crowd of idiots try to outrun those bulls as they charge down the narrow streets that are packed with tourists.

So why the fuck are they so worried about a bloke using a camera as he runs within an inch of being gored?

It's dangerous, they say.

So is running within inches of the horns that are attached to a rather angry bull, I say.

We want to crack down on dangerous behaviour, they say.

And packing narrow streets with people and then letting loose a herd of angry bulls isn't, I ask?

He was putting the other runners in danger, they cry.

I say that an angry bull within inches of their arses was a slightly greater danger, I reply.

In its own little way, this item is a perfect example of the twisted world we live in.

They worry about a little wisp of smoke from a smouldering tobacco leaf, yet they are happy for us to walk the streets breathing highly carcinogenic traffic fumes.

They worry about people being a little overweight, while at the same time they pour chemicals into our drinking water.

They claim we use a little too much sugar while they prescribe us pills that fuck up our bodies with all sorts of nasty chemicals.

They nag and bully us over the trivial items while ignoring the real dangers.

Just as a footnote, I would fine the bloke €3,000 but only because he is a brain dead narcissistic twat, and I don't care whether the bulls are behind him or not.  I fucking hate this modern obsession with "selfies".  Yet another product of the mindless Twitter generation.

And I really hate that word "selfie"!

Running Bulls

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What a lot of bull — 24 Comments

  1. You have nailed the inconsistencies at play in the Pamplona selfie bull case, Grandad. You have deftly compared it to the prohibition of smoking in public buildings in cities across the world where atmospheric pollution caused by vehicle emissions has reached deadly proportions.

    If the Pamplona corpo want to eliminate the possibility of young foolhardy people being gored in the annual bull run they logically need to end the bull run festival, not tell a cock-and-bull story about street selfies. But they won't do that because the local Bord Failte has entrenched tourism interests.

    • The inconsistencies are so enormous that frankly I was gobsmacked.  Fining a runner in the bull-run is like fining a Formula One racing driver for picking his nose at 200 mph.  The dangers they are worried about pale into complete insignificance compared to the actual dangers.  Crazy crazy world. 

  2. Quite frankly I think the human gene pool would be grateful if Pablo was scraped off the footpath with a shovel. Not grateful for the death of a complete fucktard; but for the entertainment value, by which some other fucktard will post it on Youtube.

    Life has taught me that for every knuckle dragger that clocks it, there'll be twenty more waiting to take their place.

  3. I watched the running of the bulls day three and I came up with another sport that can be held at the same time.  There should be a shooting match held at the same time.  Shooters will line up on the roofs of the bulls path.  They are not there to shoot and kill but instead they get points for shooting the runners in the knee just as they run in front of the bull.  If they are not trampled then no points are awarded.  The runner would not be told of the shooting match but even if they were there would still be people running in front of the bulls.

    • That's not a bad idea.

      10 points for winging a runner.

      20 points for causing him to be trampled.

      -50 points for killing a bull.

      0 points for killing a runner.

      That's a sport that could catch on?

  4. “There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games.”
    ― Ernest Hemingway

  5. Pamplona is a very fine place where one can enjoy an excellent, and inexpensive, lunch in the square.

    I don't understand the bullfighting stuff, but it is surrounded by etiquette and traditions -I suspect Narcissus contravened such codes and is probably luck not to be full of bandilleras.

    • I have my reservations about the Spanish treatment of bulls.  However it is their business and it's not up to me to tell 'em what they can or can't do.  I doubt though that ancient traditions mention mobile phones?

  6. "….he is a brain dead narcissistic twat…"  You nailed it, Grandad!  I have to wonder if he even put some thought into the red shirt he wore…."oh, I bet this shirt will give me an advantage over the rest of the fools.  The bulls will pay special attention to me in this!"

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