Grandad is dead — 10 Comments

    • Maybe so, but I do NOT like being bossed around by a bunch of spotty teenage nerds.

      • That is why I have never become a prisoner of Farcebook, Twatter, Bleedo or Linkedout.


        Bollox to the lot of them and their users.

  1. I joined Fecebook years ago.  I lasted about a week.  That's when I found out that you can never leave it.  I had to delete all the info in my account and just sign out.  There is no way to delete an account!

  2. GD,  so sorry about the devastating news, but just remember.  If you are officially dead, you can not be held responsible for any further actions.  Think on.

    • Fair point.  Now if only I could enter FarcebookWorld [where I'm dead] I could wreak havoc.

  3. Simples:  rejoin Farcebook as yourself and then screw up the whole stupid system by "friending" yourself many times.  But, then, you are much more imaginative than that.  Good luck.

  4. UPDATE:

    Using methods which I won't go into now, I managed to get back into their system.  Now that I'm back in, I shall continue to mainly ignore it.  The challenge was to get around their petty blocking, and not to use FB.

  5. Grandad is dead. Long live Grandad. Dead and (self) resurrected no less. Hopefully by unsavory ways because I can't imagine you rising from the Facebook grave any other way. Besides, I can't imagine having to endure Facebook without seeing you not post to it, otherwise I'd be the only one not posting to it.

    Any of above make any sense to you? If so, could you explain it to me? Now back to not posting on Facebook.

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