On being an anarchist — 14 Comments

    • Hah!  If he wants to bitch about the cost of "gas", he should come to good old Ireland.

      I estimate it at around $7.50 for a U.S. Gallon.  Any Merkans care to comment?

  1. I can send you more pictures of Duncan if you'd like.Many many more!!!!!!!!! 

    • So we pay roughly twice your price?  Damn!  There again – we're not known as Rip-Off Ireland for nothing?

  2. Yup, I used to do that for a living. Just chuck a load of diesel through the injectors and restrict the turbo. Then let the turbo spin up, burn the fuel instead of dumping it, and take off like a scalded cat. There was even a control on the dashboard…. Much find time to finish the upgrade on my current daily driver

  3. Were you channeling this chap?

    ‘The MEP Luke “Ming” Flanagan stated that Ireland paid €67 billion, which amounts to 42% of the European bank bailout for 1% of the European population. He went on to say that Ireland wants that money back.

    “I actually love Europe, but I despise the EU,” said to gasps from others in the chamber.’

    • Hah!  Good old Ming.  He has been campaigning for the legalisation of pot for years.  He would always get my vote, if I voted.

      • In the clip Ming puts it bluntly to Juncker and pals: The Irish people want their 67m euro back. That's more important than smoking a joint or two. I could buy a brewery and a stud farm of racing horses for that kind of money.

  4. Visual cinematic artistry at its most powerful. The producer has socked it definitively to all those namby-pamby tree-hugging bikers, walkers and quiche-eating wankers who don't pay their road tolls like the rest of us hard driving motorists and truckers. America was built on sweat, ulcers and the robust belching of productive fumes. Case proved. 

  5. my mr lives for the rings in his diesel jetta to blow… then it goes round the city farting black and he's giggling like a fool


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