Doing the pigsty shuffle

It isn't often that I celebrate anything that emanates from that odious cesspool that is our gubmint.

There is cause for rejoice today however, and later this evening I may even crack open a new bottle of whiskey.

James Fatso Reilly is gone.

That obnoxious bullying cunt has been unceremoniously fucked out of the Health Department into lands unknown. 

Up until now there has been a strange phenomenon in politics here that they always seemed to appoint the unhealthiest candidate to the post of Health Minister.  Reilly was overweight and his breathing sounded like a stem pump at slow speed.  His predecessor was Mary Mad Cow Harney who was also a person of vast bulk, and rumour has it she used to moonlight as a double for Miss Piggy.

Now they have appointed Leo Varadkar who, as far as I can tell is of a reasonable size girthwise.  I don't know if this is a mistake or maybe there is a new shift in policy?  Time will tell.

I have been trying to find out a little more about our Leo but frankly there isn't much to find.  He has admitted to enjoying a joint or two in recent years which is a far cry from Reilly's single minded obsession with smoking, so he can't be all bad.  Apart from that, he is young, single and tall which isn't very much to judge a person on?

I now hear that Reilly is the new Minister for Children.  That's fair enough as he was always whingeing on about protecting our cheeeldren from the evils of Big Tobacco.  Now he can nag them directly.

Poor kids.

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Doing the pigsty shuffle — 12 Comments

  1. They'll probably create a ministry for tobacco especially for him.  Veradkar is a right media whore, so Health will suit him….. the one department where they do more talking and planning than work.

    • Fuck!  Looks like you might be right?  Minister for Public Health – in other words Minister for Tobacco Control, Obesity Control, Nannying and Nagging?  If this is true then not only is it the worst news possible but we're all fucked.

  2. I think he's getting kick backs from tabacco company's etc, since the more you tell kids not to do something the more they do it, if he's "looking out" for them, it will drive up sales.

  3. If Vardakar is young, single and tall he might meet a nurse in one of the cash-strapped hospitals who is also young, single and tall. She'd be right to jab a syringe up his backside and smile amicably.

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