Post mortem equine flagellation

I have reached the point of exhaustion with this fucking Garth Brooks affair.

They had their chances for two concerts.

They then decided to go for three.

Then they went for five.

The council said no, that three was the limit.

Brooks says all or nothing.

The council says nothing.

Concerts are canceled.

Money is being refunded for the hundreds of thousand of tickets which never should have been sold in the first place [or at least until all licences were in place].

End of story?


There are now questions being raised at gubmint level and Brooks [presumably having realised he is losing millions] states that he is still prepared to do the concerts.

Our Glorious Leader Dame Enda has been told to be on standby to make a personal phonecall to Brooks, as if this is the most important business on the world's agenda.  Residents are appealing to O'Bama and the Mexican Ambassador is involved [whatever the fuck he has to do with it?]

This whole lark has gone from farce, through comedy to tediously boring.

If they manage to rearrange five concerts, are they then going to invite the punters to buy tickets who had already bought the tickets and  are in the process of receiving refunds?  Can the punters use the refund to purchase the ticket for which they received a refund?  Can they just return the refund and retain their ticket?

And I wonder if Garth Brooks would be so keen to come if he knew that nearly everyone on radio and television here refers to him as Garret Brooks?

This is the story which refuses to die.

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Post mortem equine flagellation — 7 Comments

  1. Kenny sees 400,000 voters here, nothing else.

    Hey, how many concerts does it take to upset 'Garret' Brooks fans? ………………………………..  none !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It's a blank face poker game for high stakes. WTF is a prime minister, and newly appointed deputy minister, doing pretending that this is the equivalent of hosting a G8 summit? Why do media commentators go on like this? Are we all sops? Where is our real world?

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