The anatomy of a binge drinker — 5 Comments

  1. "…..can determine if a child will become something useful, like a philosopher, an artist, a mathematician or an airline pilot? "


    Yeah!   Produce lots of lovely CO2 to make the plants grow so that there is no shortage of food  (as predicted by the UK Ministry of Defence)


    What the hell does the Ministry of Defence know about food production?   They are a bunch of Wallys whose projects are always above budget and never on time.   I refer you to the launching of the Aircraft carrier, yesterday.    Lovely ship; pity that there will be no suitable planes to put on it until 2020 (More likely later, since it is the same Ministry of Defence who are in charge, perhaps much later – or never – the ship will be obsolete or sunk by then.


    As for Geoffrey Lean of the Beano (formerly the Telegraph) words fail me.   He is…..(no I better not say as Grandad may ban me from his site).

    • Nobody gets banned from this site [unless I say so, and it happens to be a full moon].

      Indeed airline pilots are doing an invaluable service to mankind, producing all that vital CO2 which is essential for good crops. 

      Problems in food production are just the result of globalisation.  If we all went back to just eating the produce of our local farms then the problem would more or less be solved.  Of course people would have to revert to a diet of boiled bacon and cabbage and would also pay through the nose, but that's a very small price to pay? 

  2. experts have been warning everything from the overpopulation of the earth to coal running out since the 1800s or earlier i place them behind snake oil sales men on things to be concerned with 

    • I'm still waiting for the ice age they predicted back in the Seventies.  We're all supposed to be under a hundred feet of ice by now……….

  3. a large number of factors, including brain function, personality, life experiences and genetics".All of these combine to cause death,so you see these SCIENTISTS are correct,as always(they have no reason to lie to us)

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