Consequences — 6 Comments

  1. Sorry for your troubles – hope you are feeling better today! And where is the nice weather you promised us??!!


    • Still knackered – spent the afternoon hacking back the grass verges and hedging.  One of the rare penalties of rural life.

      I didn't promise you good weather.  I promised myself good weather.  Anyway I haven't left yet so there is plenty time for a high to move in.  😉

      • It's here in the NW of Britain. Bet the flag next to the name is stars and stripes just to confuse you.

        • You're stuck in the same low as us, for the next day or two anyway.

          And your email address gives a very small clue as to your location! 😉

  2. At least you didn't have to take Penny to get 'er eyes checked.  That would've been another traffic jam.  🙂

    • Her eyesight is so damned good she can see things that aren't actually there.  She's forever chasing imaginary cats out of the garden!

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