On being hexed — 10 Comments

  1. If you wanted a belt and braces solution you could also remove the little rubber plug from the lowest point of the spare wheel recess. Every car I have ever owned has one.

  2. Hell, I had just submitted a comment on your first post about this and my feed reader beeped at me with this follow up post. (sigh) Timing is everything.

    • are absolutely correct.Normally I spend my nights reading Socrates (the writings and musings of a great brazilian footballer) or Pluto(equally brilliant dog),however,my sleep pattern has also been disturbed as a result of trying to fathom out this totally bizarre puzzle.

  3. Aha! Do I get a prize for suggesting that it was the light cluster, GD? An Irish Sea cruise perhaps? A week sampling the nightlife of Worksop? A scintillating weekend enjoying the bright lights of Slough?

  4. As someone who has spent many years discovering methods of keeping oil INSIDE of old British motorcycles, should the repair not work may I suggest the name of Loctite, on their website you will find a mind boggling list of sealants, of which several will stop the ingress of rain for the rest of the life of the car.

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