When politicians lack balls — 8 Comments

  1. Last year I spent three days in London (Never again – it's a terrible place).   Once I travelled by the Metro (Underground).   It was full, with many people having to stand.   The man next to me spoke to a heavily pregnant woman, asking, "Madam, are you a feminist who believes in equality between the sexes?".

    When she replied that she was, his response was a classic.   "In that case, Madam, you can remain standing and I shall remain sitting".

    • A perfect example.  They demand equality yet they want men to give up their seats or open doors for 'em.  They can't have it both ways.  I believe doing things impartially and will slam the door in anyone's face regardless of gender.  That's equality.

      • But Gallantry, the age-old value of a perfect gentleman, is still around, isn't it? Did you ever spread your jacket over a puddle on the roads of County Wicklow for herself to step safely over? I never did.

  2. Well said again, Grandad. No tokenism, because that's what quotas would amount to. If Sinn Fein or Fine Gael fielded a black, female and disabled Seventh Day Adventist candidate in the elections I wouldn't be interested in their symbolical minority status – I'd want to know what they intend to do about tree-hugging, after-hours drinking, the potholes, the rights of smokers, the rural bus services and the price of the pint before deciding not to vote for them.

  3. It's sad to realise that most folk and I'm not having a pop at those commenting here, still expect that the problems created by the elected and those they really answer to will be solved by the elected and those they answer to.

    The elected system is working perfectly well for the minority by suppressing the majority into compliance. Doesn't matter what land you live on if this system is in play then you are being controlled from cradle to grave.

  4. What about a smoking candidate or make 29% of the Dail smokers so it is representative ?

  5. Can't be doing with all this 'positive discrimination' malarkey myself.  I'd be mortally insulted if I thought that was the only way I could be elected to a position of any sort!

    Never went in for the whole bra-burning scene myself, mind you nowadays it might improved my appearance..pulling all the wrinkles out of my face.

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