Doing my bit for my country

I woke in a bit of a panic this morning.

I realised I didn't know what day the European and local elections were on.  Was it today or tomorrow?  I had to know because I had to know which day I wasn't going to vote.

It is essential that if you are not going to do something that you know which day you aren't going to do it on.  If I had realised tomorrow that the day of the elections had passed then I would have missed my golden opportunity forever.

Of course there are those who say I should vote, but I would ask why?  I am given a selection of wannabes and I have to chose the least worst in the impossible hope that they would make a difference.  You can take it from someone who has been voting for over forty years – it never works.  All that happens is that the ruling party gets in and everything reverts to its usual chaos.  I know there are different parties going forward but that is purely semantics – different names, same party underneath.  Even if my chosen candidate is elected their voice is drowned out by the major bullying parties so what's the point?

There are those who say it is my duty to vote.  Duty to whom?  Duty to myself?  Duty to my country?  Duty to my fellow Irish?  Bollox.  My only duty is to myself, and to be honest with myself and I do that by refusing to play their nasty little games.  Elections are like a shepherd offering his sheep a choice of lorries to carry them to the slaughterhouse.  I chose not to enter any lorry.

A vote in an election is a validation of the system.  Their system.  I refuse to give that validation.  The system is rotten and corrupt to the core.  It is gone so far beyond any personal relevance to me that I am just refusing to have any more to do with it.  Even as I type, one of the ruling clique is giving himself a little personal present of my money.  He reckons he is worth a little golden handshake of €70,000 of taxpayers' money despite breaking the law and resigning in disgrace.

So the sheeple will venture forth tomorrow.  They have been told they can make a difference.  They believe it.  I don't.

I am having nothing more to do with them.  They can play their mean little games but I will ignore them and will do everything in my power to avoid paying them.  They can make voting compulsory if they like but I will still refuse.  It is my democratic right.  Democracy is not being forced to chose from a small clique of gangsters, thieves and bullies

Fuck the lot of them.

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Doing my bit for my country — 9 Comments

  1. No voting cards for us this year, Huzzah!

    One thing has always puzzled me if there is such a thing as a 'registered voter' and an 'elector' are there such things as unregistered voters and a none elector?

    Isn't it a bit like saying there can only be saints if evil exists because without evil there is nothing to measure saintliness to?

    • So by the same token we should be pleased about and enjoy all those horrible shitty days when everything goes wrong because without them we wouldn't be able to enjoy the good moments? I am not convinced 🙂

    • I see the Shitter has given that "retirement fund" to the Jack & Jill Foundation.  I am really delighted for them [they are one of my top real charities].  A small ray of sunshine from a miserable shower of bastards.

  2. I'm going to write 'Headrambles' on the ballot paper and stick a great big tick beside it!

    How you keepin' sir – hope all well 🙂

    • Thanks very much!  You are aware that Ticks carry nasty diseases?

      Keepin' well.  A bit a luck and I might be down your way in the not too distant future?

  3. Hi headrambles, like yourself I didn't vote either, and if those arsewipes make it compulsory then they should also make it compulsory for candidated to actually go to peoples doors instead of the present contempt these freeloaders are showing to the public. Love your blog.

    • Welcome Paddy!  Another thing they should be forced to do is sign a pledge of all their promises which they are then obliged to follow through.  The lying toe-rags will promise anything on the doorstep.

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