A black day — 12 Comments

  1. Fuck the whole lot:black or white.One day they are negroes then Afrrican-American then brothers etc etc.They refer to each other as nigger.What the fuck will they want to be called tomorrow.Call a spade a spade!!!!

    (On review,you may be better off to delete this post)

  2. I believe the Politically Correct term these days is 'person of colour'. What a crock of shit.

    I was working in London in the 80s for a small building firm, and the team was about a 60 / 40 mix, with black guys predominating. All the white guys (including the three brothers who owned the firm) didn't give a fuck what colour anyone was, but half or more of the black guys were really quite racist, and when the inevitable disagreements arose, I would, as a matter of course, be called a honkey bastard, white cunt etc.

    Water off a duck's back. I couldn't give a shit what they want to call me.

    Same as when I lived in Australia. 'Pommie bastard' was regularly thrown at me. So fucking what. Again, water off a duck's back.

    Sticks and stones and all that.

    So what is it about blacks, that calling them by any descriptor that is considered offensive is verboten, whereas similarly referring to whites, Paddies, Poms, Sheep Shaggers etc is not a problem? (Actually, even 'Paddy' is now non-PC, so your sensibilities are protected, GD!)

    And the funny thing is, if you care to listen to any of the US rappers ('50 Cent' for example), every track is peppered with "fuckin' niggahs' this and "fuckin' niggahs" that. But of course, they're black, so they're allowed. We're white, so we're not.

    What fucking hypocrisy all this bullshit PC stuff is.

    • I couldn't give a flying whatsit if people call me a Mick or a Paddy.  The only thing I will ever object to is an untruth, so if anyone called me a Thieving Paddy, I'd thump them [unless of course I had nicked something].

      "Sticks and stones" sums it up perfectly.  I was taught that as a kid and have always lived by it.

      From any of the films I have seen, "Niggah" is a term of brotherhood amongst the [Merkan] black community.  It's amazing how one-sided this Political Correctness often is?  

  3. It won't be anyone with a dark pigment in their skin doing the complaining. I lay odds is a lack of dark pigment loony lefty. of the ilk that currently infest this land and its once great organisations, if indeed anyone complained at all.

    • That did occur to me also.  What's the betting it was some anally retentive councilor or a member of some damned qango who jumped in "for the good of the people"?

  4. Some of my best friends are blue-eyed, freckle-nosed, lump-bodied, beer-swilling elocutionless paddies. But I wouldn't like a plummy-voiced BBC programme presenter saying that over the airwaves.

    • It wouldn't bother me if a BBC presenter called me all the names under the sun – I don't listen to the BBC [much], and would just ignore him if I were.

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