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  1. You would do us all a favour by posting something entitled Twenty Things to do to avoid thinking about the Eurovision Song Contest.

    When did Russia become part of Europe? When they gave Napoleon's mighty army a good drubbing in 1812. Tchaikovsky, who was a sexier composer than Johnny Logan, used captured live cannon for his pop hit The 1812 Overture.

    • Twenty things?  There are a million things.  I just write a brief scribble and then forget all about it.  Easy.

      And everyone is a sexier composer than Johnny Logan.

      • Aah but memories of Sandy matter talking about the euroshit doesn't

        Here's something to watch the next time the euroshit is on the idiot box

  2. Russia is probably more qualified as part of Europe than Israel – which used to win back in the 70s (and which plays its football in Europe – as does Kazakhstan, which decided to move from Asia to Europe). I think that Britain might manage a win if it entered itself as its constituent parts. "We now go to Saint Peter Port for the votes of the Guernsey jury, bonsoir Saint Pierre .  .

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