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  1. You would do us all a favour by posting something entitled Twenty Things to do to avoid thinking about the Eurovision Song Contest.

    When did Russia become part of Europe? When they gave Napoleon's mighty army a good drubbing in 1812. Tchaikovsky, who was a sexier composer than Johnny Logan, used captured live cannon for his pop hit The 1812 Overture.

    • Twenty things?  There are a million things.  I just write a brief scribble and then forget all about it.  Easy.

      And everyone is a sexier composer than Johnny Logan.

  2. Russia is probably more qualified as part of Europe than Israel – which used to win back in the 70s (and which plays its football in Europe – as does Kazakhstan, which decided to move from Asia to Europe). I think that Britain might manage a win if it entered itself as its constituent parts. "We now go to Saint Peter Port for the votes of the Guernsey jury, bonsoir Saint Pierre .  .

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