A tale of three buses — 7 Comments

  1. The Evening Press..ahhh,I had to get it every day to read the great Con Houlihan on the back page  where he would start by talking about a match and very soon would be describing the flight pattern of a curlew over a north Kerry bog.Paddy Kavanagh (sour fuck) on acid.

    • The kids in the city centre all shouting "HeraldorMailorPress" as they flogged the evening editions!  The Press was the one everyone went to for the small ads – particularly student accommodation.  Ah!  The Good Old Days.

      • The Evening Press printed one or two pages of letters from readers – always a lively read. Great banner headlines on the front pages sometimes i.e. MAN SAVES CAT FROM LIFFEY and other stories of world significance. The sports pages were essentia, the small ads good for buying second-hand items and finding cheap bedsitter flats.

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