Offensive laws

So they have struck down the law of "offending modesty"?

Damn fucking right.

I would go so far as to say that it is impossible to offend modesty or anything else for that matter.  There should be no such thing as "giving offence".  "Taking offence" is a different matter but that's up to the individual.  People can hurl all sorts of insults at me and that's their prerogative.  It's entirely up to me whether I choose to be offended by it.  In fact they don't even know what I might take offence to.  Take for example the word "slope"?  To me that means something that isn't level, but apparently others take grave offence to the use of the word.  That is insane and utter bollox.

Then there is the pair who brought the case to the High Court.

Mr Curtis removed his penis from his trousers as groups of females walked past him.  Maybe he fancied giving it an airing?  Maybe he just forgot to zip up?  If he had removed a banana or a cucumber from his trousers would anyone been offended?  I doubt it.

Then there is the case of Mr McInerney who decided to play Bash the Bishop while sitting in his car.  Now I have wasted many hours sitting in a car while Herself is in the shop trying to make her mind up.  It is an intensely boring thing to do, and if Mr McInerny decides to pass the time by flicking off a quickie then fair enough. It is maybe not the height of good manners and I certainly wouldn't advise it at the dinner table [especially in someone else’s house], but if you are offended, just look the other way.

These people who take offence so easily should just be ignored.

They're just a shower of wankers.



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Offensive laws — 6 Comments

  1. “I certainly wouldn’t advise it at the dinner table [especially in someone else’s house]” … or at that swanky do with the long table that El Pres and McGuinness attended the other day. 😉

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