The end of another era — 4 Comments

  1. FFS.

    You are being robbed.

    I have 9 points and around 14 years NCD and I pay £140 fully comp. My usual insurer sent me a reminder with a 20% higher premium so I did what you did. Called them back and got the cover for £20 less than their original quote.

    Thieving bastards.



    • There is one small difference – this kip isn't called Rip-Off Ireland for no reason.  We pay a premium on just about every item we buy.  Insurance, pharmaceutical shit, food, drink, just about anything you care to mention.   

  2. Sadly, this is becoming normal for the industry.  As a regular customer, you are penalised by frequent rises in charges, and the only answer is to search for better treatment.  I trusted my local agency for over twenty years, but finally became suspicious about continuous rises and saved around £150 by moving elsewhere.  Same for house insurance – over £200 saving.  Thanks to the internet and comparison sites: how did we manage without them?

    • As I said – what pissed me off was that they said they couldn't come down any further, yet faced with a threat they could immediately knock 20% off.  Lying bastards.

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