Climate Change and the Holocaust — 21 Comments

  1. Why would you want to risk damage to a good 9 in concrete block? I admit there is a chance that his head might cushion it and prevent damage, but why take the chance. 

    • As far as I can fathom, he reckons that because his old TV programmes had a couple of hundred viewers that he must be a Major Celebrity and that we will hang off his every word and unanimously vote him into Europe.

  2. Environmentalist? I think they should leave the "environ" part out. I've never heard a grown man behave so much like a screaming stomping brat until now. This guy's going to keep us well entertained over the coming weeks if he does run.

    • The expression "throwing the toys out of the pram" did cross my mind when I heard it.  Quite a little hissy-fit for no reason whatsoever.  Maybe it was his Time of the Month?

  3. Fuck the 9" block ,drop a 9" rsj on the prick.That way,you can re use both block and rsj and in the process do your bit for the environment (and end the suffering for the rest of us who have to suffer that smug sanctimonious fucking bollox)

    • There speaks someone who is fairly obviously familiar with our Dunc?  It's quite a good summary of the man.

  4. Cant wait for global warming,should make it easier to stand outside a pub with fag and a pint

    Oh by the way,talking about Political Deception and Wartime horrors can anyone name one

    of 226 Soviet Concentration Camps

  5. Duncan has had a following on the TV and people like his patient speaking voice when explaining things natural. When he had a bad accident a few years ago his fans sent him hundreds of get-well cards from around the country. This Freudian slip in which he compares critics of global warming theory to Holocaust deniers has served a useful purpose. TV presenters don’t necessarily make sound politicians. So Duncan can stick to television broadcasting and leave politics to others – many of them eejits, sometimes harmless eejits and sometimes hopeless eejits, voted in by unreconstructed hopelessly eejity voters.

    We’ve had feminazis, econazis and PC language commissars, all trying psycho-linguistically to ‘mould’ our thoughts and feelings according to their agendas. Whether smoking a pipe in your armchair, or digging the garden or walking the Mountains of Mourne, think clearly in your own language and immune yourself to the attitudinal programmers who constantly bombard us in the mass media.

    • I think our Dunc suffers from Dana Syndrome. 

      Dana Syndrome is suffered by people who have appeared on television for one reason or another and they think this entitles them to run for office.  Named after Dana who won the Eurovision back when God was a child, and who subsequently ran for President. 

  6. I've seen this prick a couple of times when I've been home. I think at one time he thought he was the Irish equivalent to to the UK's Kevin McCloud who does "Grand Designs" on Channel 4 (I think). Well, in now way is he as good. I always reckoned he was/is gay!

    • Kevin Whatsit is a better presenter, though he does tend to get a bit flowery and over-enthusiastic over some projects.  I get the impression he likes the sound of his own voice!  He was much better in that mini-yoke they did where he built his own little shed-in-a-field from scrap materials.

    • I can't remember where I saw that [yesterday], but see it I did.  I agree with every single word of it, and it could be applied to other groups of the Nanny State tit-suckers too.

  7. Id be more inclined to believe such people if they did the honorable thing and offed themselves to protect glorious mother earth the one true god i know that doesn't sound "nice" but these morons have had a massive negative effect on our economy would happly allow us to stagnate and will happily let millions die in the developing worlds just to adhere to their religion i used to merely disagree with people like ducan but these days i absolutely despise them they are all liers hoaxers self important little people with nothing in their life but a pseudo religion cause its not "modren" or allowed in liberal group think to believe in a god for these fuckers so just come up with a new (old) one in the earth im not a religous man myself but at lest admit that when you say "the science is settled" it has nothing to do with science cause thats NOT HOW IT FUCKING WORKS its a faith a religion a deadly destructive one which venerates the primitives and their grass huts while the very same people desperately try (rightly) and remove themselves from such hardship.

    they are the very example of anti human both in spite (the idea of humanity stagnating or regressing is unthinkable to me and should be to any right minded person) and in practice im shocked they havent started danceing at babys funnerals or demanding abortions for all (another despicable practice our sick culture has fostered but thats another subject)

    This bell end has no hope of being elected to anything 

  8. "If I've only got 7 minutes, I'm going". 


    Fine, bye sunshine. What an unutterably credulous crank. 

  9. This dope fell head first into a nuclear reactor in Russia, I blame the guy who pulled him out!

  10. "Young people have been disenfranchised, and many of them won't bother to vote".

    Well if you haven't got a vote, not much point in trying to use it I suppose.

  11. Getting back to the 9 inch concrete block. Just 'eve arf a brick at him and miss the hard hat altogether.

    Just sayin'.

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