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  1. As a lazy observation, it seems to me that once you pay a visit to a single 'white coat' in his lair, a medical dam seems to break and you are suddenly surrounded by lots of while coats, all highly regarded specialists in their own field. The endless rounds of tests start then with the inevitable poking and prodding and as Terry Wogan once sublimely suggested, it becomes all about the underneath bits at that point. You discover that you 'may' be at risk of this or 'in danger' of that and you could be left feeling like a fucking leper. 

    When I ceased going to the white coats completely, nothing actually happened except I don't worry so much any more. I also discovered that doctors don't cure, they prefer to treat. Better repeat business that way.

    • For once, I'm glad to say you're wrong.  Went in today and had a series of extensive tests.  I was given the all clear [20/20+] and had some adjustments made to the new glasses so they fit better [which involved replacing something].  I walked out with a clean bill of health and no bill.  They didn't charge a cent.

  2. I'm finding it harder and harder to read small print, but as I'm 43 and not a genetically-engineered super soldier, I'll put it down to middle age.

    If I ever start to see pink elephants, I'll go and see some goon with a white coat and a superior attitude.  Either that, or contact my dealer to demand why he's been cutting the usual stuff with Ajax Scourer.

    • Why worry about pink elephants?  I quite like them and they play very happily with the purple hippopotamus on the ceiling.

  3. Pursuing the logic of chaos theory, your journeys may have caused untold damage in the future history of the world: your absence from the village to point someone in the wrong way might mean people, who would otherwise have been twenty miles apart, have now met and that their child might grow up to be a world dictator

    • Possibly?  Or there again, I might have stayed at home and wouldn't have caused that bloke to swerve at the junction with the main road and he might be still alive?  And maybe he had plans on becoming a world dictator?  The trouble with chaos is that it's so fucking chaotic.

  4. Best of health to you GD. Keep up morale by smoking & joking. A lot of health is in the mind.

  5. "So if anyone is wondering why my posting has been a little erratic lately, and why my attention to comments is leaving a lot to be desired, it's because I have been somewhat distracted."

    Also they're too small for you to read them. 😛

  6. Glad you're okay, although the blind ramblings of an Irish Grandad would have been.. interesting. BTW, I've been meaning to ask you exactly what little burg over there do you call home? I often get Irish guests now that I'm giving tours, and I'll say, "Oh I have a good friend over there named Richard O'Connor, do you know him?" That's always good for a laugh because, you know, Ireland's kind of big. Small for a country but big enough to not know everyone.

    So what should I tell them? I want them to go knock on your door when they get home because I know you'll invite them in for tea and extend all appropriate cordiality. *cough*

    • Glendoher, and if anyone calls, I'll tell 'em to fuck off.  Anyway if the local deliverymen have problems finding my gaff, then strangers won't have a prayer.

  7. Glad to hear your eyesight is still decent and all my good wishes sent to you and Herself as far as her eyesight is concerned.

    And just by sheer coincidence, I also went for an eye exam recently . Fortunately, I only saw the one eye doctor and he wasn't wearing a white lab coat (denims and a sweater). He appeared to know his stuff and was blunt as hell as to the results of the exam, something I always appreciate. He told me my eyes were dehydrated, that the burst blood vessel in my left eye was making things crooked plus there was a fuzzy spot in the center of the cornea, that my right eye was even worse than my left and my arteries in my eyes were crap. All these optical pontifications thankfully cost me nothing since it was VA eye clinic and 3 weeks later they sent me new replacement bifocals which make me feel seasick where the old ones didn't.

    All in all not bad experience that lived up to my full expectations.

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