Be careful what you wish for — 10 Comments

  1. Welcome to obamacare.  He has taken the greatest healthcare system in the world and reduced it to your two-tier system.  The future of obamacare is to move towards a single-payer system, ie. the taxpayer.  So you're not alone in this ridiculous system of grabbing more taxes and giving little in return.

  2. There was me thinking that the government set up the VHI in the first place so that people with money could jump the queue.

    Or can anyone explain why it got involved in private health care in the first place.

    Is it just me, or is this a bit like ryanair giving everyone priority boarding  as standard and charging double for the privilege.

    • Indeed the VHI is supposed to be a "state sponsored" non-profit organisation.  So Reilly is fighting against himself here.  Maybe no one told him?

  3. I used to oppose all of these socialist schemes our esteemed leaders kept coming up with. Lately I have been reconsidering. I've given up hope of reigning in their excesses. I've been wondering if we should not let them build their colossal pile of shite and sit back and watch as it collapses. Granted a lot of people will be ruined, even injured or killed, but just maybe the survivors might learn something and prevent it from happening again in the future. 

  4. Fatso Reilly always reminds me of Brendan Grace’s appearance in Father Ted as Father Fintan Stack. “I’ve had my fun and that’s all that matters”, wonder how long it is before he retires on a massive pension after making a total mess the system (well a bigger mess)

  5. If it goes ahead I suppose we can look forward to the cancelling of RSI payments and USC levies?  Ahem! These are supposed to be paying for the current system, surely they don't expect us to pay twice (thrice?) .

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