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  1. I read a lot of skeptic blog sites, being as I was taught how to think as well as being a square peg in a round hole despite being born in the U.K. which is why I enjoy living in France! Anyway as the cult of the C.A.G.W. religious post normal science is dying and T.P.T.B. have to find another global scare to advance their control freakery via the punch and judy level of intellect of current politicians the accurate predictions of the future are coming from commentators who perceive the five stages of grief as their great scam dies. I'm not sure what stage they are in but I believe it is denial an irony completely lost on them.

  2. Iv noticed bbc has gone into full on propaganda mode the last few days figured it must be nearly time for another useless summit for rich people from the un to fly around earth telling us all not to do what they do 

  3. I call this the Ian Paisley school of Press Releases. Old Paisley was always great at warning that the papists were taking over, that Norn Iron was goona become green, plagues of locusts were coming etc! Then when it didn't happen he always had the stock answer: "Well only for me warnin' youse, it would have happened!"

  4. I get the strong impression that the IPCC is losing fain even in itself.  They are trotting out the same old clichés and trying to give a new sense of urgency but are failing abysmally.  The latest report has the distinct odour of a rearguard action.

  5. All I know is that it was one of the coldest winters on record around these parts, maybe even a new record in and of itself. People who heat with wood were trying to buy firewood and wood pellets in March which is unheard of even in northern Vermont. So where's this global warming anyway? We sure could have used a bit this past winter.

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