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  1. A Ph.

    Ph.D actually stands for Doctor of Philosophy. Philosophy in Greek means Lover of Wisdom. We're supposed to be in awe of lovers of wisdom, even though the Herr Doktors, as respectful Germans are supposed to address them, contradict one another often with new researches. Some Herr Doktors moonlight as consultants to pharma and other companies, so their objectivity is not always what it seems. I think a lot of "New Research Findings" newspaper stories are simply summarised and copied down by non-expert journalists under editorial orders to fill in a quota of columns on a daily basis. You've been a journo Grandad. Have you seen a lot of reports and Ph.D thesis abstracts cluttering newsroom desks in your time?        

    • You flatter me, Ger.  Never was a journo and the only writing I ever did was on this here site.  And I once produced an English essay in school that the dog didn't eat.

  2. The leading blogologist in 'Merica has deemed that "headrambles" is bad for your gloom, and overuse may result in giggles, smiles and untimately enlightenment.

    • A new report has discovered that Environmental Head Rambles accounts for five million deaths a year worldwide.

      • If you were a junior staff writer at the Skibbereen Eagle the editor might tell you to write 300 words from the new report before 5 pm.

  3. I must say that the Irish government is unbelievably rabid on the subject of smoking to the point of being completely insane. What next? Door to door searches and seizures?

    And as far as daylight savings time, I'm actually get quite concerned about my wife every time DST rolls around as she becomes incessantly angry about losing an hour's worth of sleep and how they should just leave it be and…and…and…

    I really worry for her health I must admit.

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