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    However, there are some devastating threats that could be made over social media. For example Grandad, were I to write that I had the intention to visit darkest Wickla' and met up with you with a view to a kiss, I could see you rightly rushing for the bottle of something in the strong drink line. 

    These things are not to be taken lightly. Why, I was in France not two weeks ago and a large bearded male made for me with the intent that an actual kiss should take place between us. I have not been right since and no actual threat either to warn me in advance!!!!

    Puts the light-hearted threat of murder in perspective though.

    • I think my qualification of "local" and "psychopath" would cover that eventuality? Maybe I should include "pervert" as well?

      You have to be careful of the French  They do tend to be a little touchy feely but trick is to turn that to your advantage.  You should have pounced a couple of fine looking women? 

  2. That remark about putting down a horse got onto the front page because it was a slow news day. It was also something to do with the media mania for correctitude. The correctitudinarians in this case were expressing their love for animals and saying we all should adopt the same attitude and language. Beware of attitudinarian correctitudinarianism. The constant imposition of correct language is an insidious threat to free thinking in today's world. Incidentally, it has always been the practice in the horsey world for veterinary surgeons to put down a badly injured horse; so what's news?

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