Once more into the Valley of Death — 12 Comments

  1. Good luck to ya with that particular expedition.I do see a small flaw in the idea that by posing as the great doctor,it will carry an implicit threat.Most of the idiots you are likely to meet haven't the the foggiest idea who the bould Harold was.It's a bit like having a nuclear missile and not telling anybody.

    • I'm sure his mug shot will have appeared on Facebook or Twitter in the past so most should be familiar as that is where most of the Skobieville residents probably view the world.

  2. No doubt the elders of said town will be giving someone a wide berth then……

    Dont get lifted by the Gardi, Gardy, Goody or what ever you call Plod over there.

    Good luck.

    • You must be joking!  The fuzz wouldn't dare venture into that town.  Even the Alsatians go around in pairs.

  3. OMG…….He killed 250+ people?….Really?…..Oh Man…I have to read the world news more often.

  4. If you take after Harold Shipman you must have a great bedside manner. All the auld wans are  waiting for your next visit.

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