Should have gone to …

There were two reasons I had to go into Skobieville yesterday.

The main reason was to buy a battery for my watch.  The fecking this wore out a few weeks ago and the hands stopped moving, though I could still see the time if I peered very closely at the very faint numerals.  As a result I have been getting up at unearthly hours thinking it's midday but in fact it's nearer nine, because I couldn't read the watch in a darkened bedroom.

The other reason was that I have been bumping into things lately.  It didn't bother me, but Herself started to complain that I was bumping into things even when I was sober.  She told me to get an eye-test.

So hence my trip to Skobieville.

We drove in [Herself insisted on coming along too] and I managed to find parking within a couple of miles of the shops.  I got my battery [in the only shop I have found to date that sells that type] and we mosied up to the opticians.

Whatever happened to the good old days where they would just ask you to read off a card on the wall?  They put me through about ten different machines.  Some flashed lights at me, some flashed colours at me, some squirted air into my eyes [not pleasant] and others did things that at that stage I was too fucking blinded to see.

We did the old fashioned bit of reading letters on the wall [except that nowadays they use a screen] and the bastard made me read them backwards as he had a shrewd suspicion I had memorised them.

The upshot of the whole rigmarole is that my eyesight is absolutely perfect for someone my age [except that I need glasses] so my sight matches my hearing – absolutely exceptional for my age [apart from the Tinnitus].  I'm getting new lenses in a few days time.

Herself had her eye test too.

Turns out she needs an operation in hospital.

Fuck me!

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Should have gone to … — 12 Comments

  1. So sorry to hear about Herself.  Please give her my best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery.  And by the way, how will you cope without her?  She can not be encouraged by your new look.


    • Thanks, BD.  Message passed on.

      She only noticed the beard trim today [two days later].  Must need her eyes tested?

  2. Now we have his retinal images on file. No matter how he tries to change his appearance by trimming his beard will be able to positively id him. 

    I wonder if the battery includes a tracking device? 

  3. "My eyesight is absolutely perfect for someone my age [except that I need glasses] so my sight matches my hearing – absolutely exceptional for my age [apart from the Tinnitus]"

    Me and you both – although I've just remembered the saga about an audio file of a certain high pitched frequency you posted…  

    • Heh!  That audio was [is] my Tinnitus, or as near as I could get it.  The file is a straight high pitched whistle whereas the real thing sort of floats around in my head. 

    • Thanks Cat.  She isn't looking forward to it.;  She says she would rather have needles poked in her eyes.  [Yes – she did actually say that….]

  4. Perhaps if you got your hair trimmed as well as your beard you'd be able to see better?

    Oh, btw, I finally gave up on battery powered watches and went back to the old analog type. I bought a loverly auto-wind type wrist watch from Amazon back in November. I wound it when I got it and never had to wind it again. It runs all night while I'm sleeping and winds itself during the day. One less reason to go to Skobieville.

    And tell Herself that having needles poked in her eyes is a hell of a lot more painful then any eye type surgery she'll undergo in the hospital. And she'll be able to see better when it's all said and done which is more than she'd get sticking needles in her eyes.

    Of course, she'd be able to see you better as well.


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