How long have you got? — 10 Comments

  1. As you point out, GD, it's the insurance companies who are going to love this.

    "Insurance Sir? Just take this little test….Oh dear, it seems we have a problemette…"

    Same as you, I have no interest in tests of that sort. Of any sort, actually. And as for predicting my demise, I was once told I had six months to live. That was 38 years ago. To say that I have little faith in the medical profession would be putting it mildly.

    • According to the "experts", with my normal intake of sugar, salt, fats, caffeine, nicotine et al, I should be dead years ago.

      • Not "should be dead"… they must think you ARE dead.  Rule number one among those who claim to be in charge of the so-called scientific profession: never let observations get in the way of a good theory.  They probably even have a computer model to "prove" you are dead.  Right next to the one which "proves" the climate is warming uncontrollably.


        And now they know I'm a lunatic because I engage in conversation with dead people!

  2. You should have saved that story for another month, April 1st would be more appropriate.  I wonder could be get ole Reilly to take the test live on tv?

  3. My glucose testing device recently underwent an update to include death testing as well as testing blood sugar levels.

    It says I'm already dead.

    Obviously I need to get the thing calibrated.

    On a serious note. If this test can actually predict someone's death–who'd want to know?

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